The Class 1 Laptop scam vs Better ideas






Ken Okoth has done what Baba couldn’t do in 20+ years in a span of 2 years. Don’t forget that he almoat lost nominations due to nepotism.

Tafakari hayo.

Na wajinga flan walikuwa wanataka kuondoa Okoth waweke Raila’s daughter.

Ken Okoth development is more like it… ODM and development in the same sentence hazipatani… Were it not for Okoths strong grassroots support, angerushwa nje in favor of Baba’s chosen ones.

He has achieved all that na cdf ya 100million per year, what the fuck are governors doing with budgets btw 2-25billion and ministry of edu. with almost 400billion budget

eating bruh

In Railas era as MP, MPs primary function was not building schools. That was a different era. Very few of the MPs then built meaningful structures. It was not expected of them.

Recurrent expenditure. And they had to build systems from scratch and support the systems. MPs don’t. Their role is legislative. CDF is just a top off.


Hizi shule zitachomwa lini? Just a matter of time


Ken Okoth Maendeleo turbocharged. How did he do it though? Raila wouldn’t let the then Devolution CS Waiguru build a toilet in Kibra so how did Ken navigate? congratulations

an act of god save Ken okoth, otherwise angerushwa inje kitambo sana. remember tingod didn’t even attend the opening of raila education centre!

busy fueling their v8’s

5 well built secondary schools built using NGCDF during his term is very impressive

Ameaibisha Jubilee and their not well thought out, tenderpreneur friendly laptops scheme. I’d rather they built schools like this countrywide na waweke computer labs and enough teachers. Maybe even make computer studies examinable in KCPE. Would have helped more than the weak tablets.

It is also an indictment of Raila. MPs wa kitambo were even more powerful on development matters than after 2010, where they became just legislators. It’s very easy to even attract donors in Kibera ukinyimwa pesa na GoK.

Ken Okoth is violating the first law of power though. Outshining his master. Maybe that’s why he named it after him. You can be sure Raila and other ODM honchos are not happy about this, you’ll notice hawaongelei hiyo story na vile it’s a source of pride.

For a an administratration known for many terrible things this laptop project takes the for how unimaginably awful it is.

Lord of poverty?

I have interacted with Hon.Okoth a few times and he comes out as a straight development leaning fellow particularly on education matters, also his bursary committee is made up of members from all ethnic tribes residing in kibra,… am not a NaSa fellow but i like what Ken is doing down there.