The CIA’s Secret Experiments

In August 1951, inhabitants of the picturesque French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit were suddenly tormented by terrifying hallucinations. People imagined lions and tigers were coming to eat them. A man jumped out of a window thinking he was a dragonfly. At least seven people died, dozens were taken to the local asylum in strait jackets and hundreds were affected.

Almost immediately, wild theories started circulating to explain the this mysterious case of mass insanity. There were claims of poisoned flour, contaminated water and even witchcraft. But the truth was stranger than many of the theories: the CIA had spiked the local food with LSD as part of a mind control experiment at the height of the Cold War.

In this documentary, we reveal how for decades, the CIA has been using unconsenting people as guinea pigs in thousands of different experiments.

Content licensed from Java Films.

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Only one I know is the mk ultra project …the rumour is that not all the machines are accounted for(duh!)

CIA is said to be dangerous and tight lipped. Will watch it though.

gunia PIG

These guys did alot of things we will never know.

Yep na hii so kitu kuna red room ys n.Korea …KGB Russia…forgot the China arm that did human expirements …I rem the papers are under wraps after ww2

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