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2022 haiko mbali,itakuwa in maombi sio uchawi tuki annihilate maadui wetu[ATTACH=full]227902[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227902[/ATTACH]



Musubcounty seems like you missed the memo.
Tutapiga kura if and only if Baba yuko kwa ballot


Liwe liwalo God willing kura yangu ni uncle

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Tupatie ile ya kisu ikinorwo.

Liwe Liwalo Lump Of Lard… LLLOL.

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This last two weeks has been very good and interesting. Saturday I was with this central leaders group and they are not a happy lot. They have been waiting on President Uhuru visit to the region to launch the promised projects since 2018. After his mshenzi comment, the rebellion at the base went full force. He reached out and they expected once he comes back he will visit the region and pacify the base. Its March and they are still waiting. Meanwhile he now comes only for funerals and quickly leaves. In between its not a happy occasion since he is talking tough and warning them of unforseen punishment. He was in Muranga for the funeral, made noise and quickly left for Nairobi to open a wheel at Two rivers. A few stops on the way, more lectures as he goes back. President Uhuru wake up, you are facing a full rebellion in central. You have the Governors, Senators, MP’s, Women rep, MCA’s during the day but at night watu wanajipanga since the base is mad. Meanwhile they miss Tanga Tanga a lot. DP Uncle Ruto was in the region every two weeks. Launch of projects, inspection of ongoing projects and commissioning completed projects. Muranga, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Laikipia, Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi. He could do four counties in one weekend. Then harambees, short leadership meetings with the leaders to listen to their opinions. President Uhuru prefers sending CS’s who keep local leaders at arms length. There is still time to correct this. Anyway for the rest, I will mention later but for now let’s look at the same Muranga trip by DP Uncle Ruto for the burial today. Even if you hate him the region citizens fondly embrace him. Learn from Nigeria elections. Shoshomedia noise counts for nothing. Grassroots support is everything in politics not boardroom politics.
“The two Presidential candidates fighting for barbeque meat” The star headline for tomorrow.

na hawa watu wasikutishe bana, uwe unapost kupost


Hakuna mtu ananisumbua wakanyama. Where, when, how?

Then kuna kitu ilisemwa that still stick to my mind laughing. Political history.

2000, Kanu/NDP cooperation and merger. Nyayo threw out VP Saitoti, disagreed with Biwott and sacked NIS chief Boinnet for saying President Uhuru can’t win in 2002. Moi alipewa “herpes” of politics for not listening to wazee wenzake. 2002 opposition MOU. President Kibaki and RAT five years of betrayal politics of MOU. It led to President Kibaki loosing referendum 2005, consolidate opposition and led to friction politics that caused PEV in 2007. 2008-2013 infighting of “I was not consulted” politics and octane politics of fixing rivals at ICC. 2013 betray by Mt. Kenya mafia to force President Uhuru to step down for the career puppet called madvd. President Kibaki retired with “Kaswede” of politics. 2018 handcheque politics of my brother. Sasa utaingiana aje na MTU amepeana “Herpes” and “Kaswede” of politics to the last two consecutive Presidents. Wewe utapata “AIDS” of politics if you don’t listen. Lakini pia in President Uhuru defense, to those who have reached out to advice him, he is adamant this is a business deal not a political deal. Yeye anajifanya mjinga and pia his brother anajifanya mjinga. Both thing they ate fooling the other while they wait to pounce on the other. Problem with that is that their nothing like a clever fool.

Wakanyaks hii kitu Una Anika hapo ika shika hizo makende zako ndio utajui fisi si Ile ya kukimbia makunguru.