The choice is yours to make....

You either stand with Uhuru Projects (Dynasties reloaded/Mama Ngina/Uhuru tano tena) or with hustlers 2022 there after.
The choice is yours to make. Only those two options are available. Its a choice for a better devil or a lesser evil. That is what it is.
For me and my family i better have the Hustler as president rather than Uhuru and his dynasties cartels who think that Kenya belongs to them.
Lets all meet at the ballot. Whacha Katambe

Statehouse Mombasa Today

Why do they all have kitenge T-shiet

If the rest of Kenya has a brain tungeweka someone they didn’t expect. Someone like Ekuru Aukot.

Hustler wenyu sio mtu wa kuaminika.

This idiots walikua wanajipiga kinda juzi and now they have sold out…

[SIZE=5]Wacha jokes omwami. Uhuuru and Ruuto are two sides of the same coin. The entire country is knee deep in debt due to their incompetence. Neither of them are the solution. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Conveniently enough, you have set the image of a cow to serve as your profile picture.[/SIZE]

We can clearly see the difference here
Uhuru projects (Raila, Gideon Moi Musalia Kalonzo Oparanya etc)
vs Ruto.
They are not the same coin. We support Uhuru projects/dynasties polepole bila kusumbua. If Uhuru and Ruto were the same, Uhuru would right now be backing Ruto but as we all can see who are or who is Uhuru project… and that was the very purpose of handshake. To have a Uhuru project for 2022


Hapo ndipo tupo - hasola hadi mwicho

[SIZE=5]Cognitive dissonance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Hiyo selfie ya ng’ombe inaku-suit kweli.[/SIZE]


hawa opposition wana stress president, he has to sit them down force then to unite so that they can do battle with his dp

Aptly put


Let the match now begin

Juzi mwingine alitaja wafuazi wa baba ati Raila’s LIVESTOCK