The Choice 2016 - A PBS Frontline Documentary

I’ve been searching for this Doc for a very long time ( it’s geo locked)…Trump sh0uld not be under estimated he knew what he was doing then…and he most definately knows what he’s doing now

Trump’s Road to the White House

watching this i have a feeling Trump really played the media to the public…and the public to the media…" to his critics it was fear mongering to supporters it was truth telling" weeeh his campaigns were scripted to the T

When they finally took him seriously and realised what a theat he was he had already connected to the white working class who were angry and felt that he spoke it as it is ,fight for them, and would say exactly what they want to hear.

“The Republicans feared him for a lot of reasons 1) He was not of them 2)He did not play by their rules 3) They thought he was a threat to the republican party to conservatism and if he got that far to the Nation”

Serikali sio kampuni ati akisema jambo jibu analotazamia tu ni ‘yes sir’ Kama alidhania urais ni mteremko, yeye na vibaraka wake watalijua jiji…[ATTACH=full]85033[/ATTACH]