The Child Abuse Problem in our society

After watching all interviews of the Kamotho’s, it has come to my mind that kids have really been suffering in Kenya and God in His infinite wisdom let Virginia Wangari to go through what she went through with her kids bcz the tears of helpless children has reached His ears and this is His way of creating ways to assist these kids via Virginia. God’s wisdom is on another level bcz even Joseph went through so much to fulfill the plan of God.

I have been dealing with orphans and let me tell you it’s crazy what they go through. One of them who is like a son to me, God used his lecturer to bring him into my life. Let me tell you, mtoto ameteseka. The relatives took his dad’s properties bcz his parents died of HIV when he was in primary school. These people told him to hustle his way bcz even them they did not have anyone to house them so they won’t house him. That boy is those very bright kids, sio mkora and so disciplined. At least beginning my workmates and I would changa for his rent in Kayole but God worked in such a miraculous way, mtoto akapata job. Tena sio kibarua a good job. Huyo mtoto hata hakutarmac wenzake wakitarmac, mtoto Haku apply for attachment bcz he had heard attachments siku hizi ni kujuana. His lecturer who was one of my professor asked me to help 2 students. I ended up with the boy. Mtoto akija attachment alikua amekonda Hana nguo official and this is someone who has relatives in Nairobi. When I have seen my relatives helping even those with one parent let alone the one with no parents at all.

He was getting a small stipend but bcz he was living far sharing with an mpesa guy, I had to add for him an equivalent amount angalau akule ama akipatwa na headache anunue Mara moja. Currently dadake ako Narok working in a bar. I’ve been telling him to return her out of that bad environment and I will look for a job for her though she performed poorly I know it’s bcz of stress bcz Luos are very sharp but stress can make a child perform very poorly.

Now let’s talk about Warunge Lawrence. I have to date never felt like what happened was this boys fault bcz much as I have my 2 parents to date, I had a difficult relationship with my mom since childhood to the point that I questioned if she was my real mother other times when she was strict to me I would call her the devil bcz I was comparing her to my friends mothers who bembeleza them, there’s no worse pain besides divorce than not coping with your parents and then you hear your peers talking about how close they are to their parents. So mimi naelewa what Warunge was going through very well, although my dad had my back and my mum wasn’t really denying me anything but she openly favored my last born sister until I even started hating my sister bcz I wanted my mom’s love. So now imagine both your biological parents for some reason hata kama ni bhangi na pombe, there are parents who have full blown drug addict kwa nyumba using&addicted to hard drugs na hawajawatupa nje wala kuwatenga and those are adults over 40 sio mtoto wa university.

So imagine first of all your dad is in US then when he comes home instead of bonding with you as his first and eldest son, he’s even having a party in your shags with out inviting you.He was stalking them. You are living with workers and eating kwa kibanda na wewe ni first born but you know Satan enters parents too, mtoto ameshika njia mbaya badala umlete karibu you reject him, now the devil preaches to him, how his friends wanapenda na wazazi, his parents are evil, his mother wants to kill him. He’s not even in family photos. What kind of rejection is this? Kuna watu wako na watoto wabaya na wanavumilia wakiomba, Warunge wasn’t a bad kid he hadn’t dropped out of school, he had marks to go to the university, so in my mind these parents were deceived by the devil to mistreat and isolate their son, afadhali uwe rejected by the whole world but not any parent let alone both parents. After some time and with prayers bcz as a Christian I take problem to God not using force or thinking of taking a panga to vent my frustration, things worked out between we are close now. But mtoto mwenye Hana Roho wa bwana under influence of drugs and alcohol which I know he started using out of frustration in the family, he will kill. Roho ya mauaji kuingia mtu is very easy especially mtu Hana Roho wa Bwana. Very easy.

The same way Cain killed Abel out of jeolousy why does God love him more than his brother, same case with Joseph and his brothers, kwani Jacob akupenda na hata sisi ni watoto wake. So that thing is strong enough to kill. Even the prodigal son’s elder brother asked the dad how comes mimi hata kuku hujawahi nichinjia. For me I don’t believe Lawrence Warunge deserves to go to jail because he was undergoing severe child abuse and we don’t know if it started when he was a kid and we know he even to the police station to report that he thinks his mom wants to kill him, can a person with malice a forethought do that and then cops wa Kenya kama kawaida after kula rushwa they let the matter go. Lawrence Warunge had no problem with anyone, so ni wazazi walimpush to the edge. He needs a good lawyer and after very heavy prayers, exorcism and counseling he should be rehabilitated back to society.

So back to the Kamotho family, we know nowadays that women are using witchcraft to snatch wealthy men from their families now usually its by single mothers but in this case it was a married couple and this things are happening in churches alot. We have seen even pastor’s stealing people’s kabisa. Munaachana anaolewa na pastor together with your kids. Unaachwa unaingia kwa maximum depression. I know a man infact a pastor who this happened to na tumeona Daddy Owen’s case he is now in a deep depression, so the case of Kamotho is neither the first or the last but as Virginia said, government agencies need to step up, CBO, NGOs, churches need to step in to avert such disasters, hata kama mimi sio mzazi the testimonies has shaken me to the core. No wonder a fat musician sang baba kambo na mama kambo nani aliye mbaya. But uses every thing for good so we can see how He’s using this family to minister to affected kids and families. Even me it has opened my eyes to alot. I am subscribed to a YouTube channel called Advocating for children first na zile stories ziko huko, is just murder after murder after torture of kids below 10 so this problem is all over and sometimes kids are removed from bad parents to be adopted or fostered by people who are alot worse. Anyway prayers to this family of Kamotho Yaani I have never heard such things in my life. I haven’t. Mungu atawasaidia tuu.

Trying to figure where abuse is.