The cheapest refurbished flagship phone

If you are on a tight budget in this hard economy and you are a gamer or creator these are the best phones for you

The best old flagship phones would be any Huawei from P10 to P40 Pro and Mate 10 to Mate40 Pro. Only that they are not readily available, even on AliExpress. Hata Kilimall hunishangaza vile hua zimejaa, luckily. But worse is that they tend to be very expensive when compared with other brands of the same classification. But Huawei are value for the money. My opinion.

Trump killed this brand. Nilikua fan wa P series. That phone was going places and it was a matters of time ikue apex gadget. Si ae ee wakafanya mambo

huawei saa hii would be on top of samsung kama si trump kufanya ile kitu

Wadau, is it a good idea to buy an s22 on ebay? They are relatively cheap and seem like good quality. Shida tu ni shipping na simcard

If you are buying from ebay US hakuna shida yoyote. Register with kentexcargo upate a us shipping address. They receive on your behalf and bring it home for you at 15 dollars per kg. EBay UK huwa a harder nut to crack.

About the simcard, you will get to know why we always recommend flagships, just and exactly like the s22 you are yearning for. With flagships you need not to worry at all about vitu kama frequency bands because flagships always have all bands. Kama ni simlock, they are always indicated whether you can or cannot unlock. If you can’t unlock, avoid. If you can unlock, then you will have to factor that in your budget because unlocking always requires extra cash. Locked phones tend to sell cheaper, though.

Buy unlocked s22

In Android world, Id chose Pixel anyday

Pixel 6 had some heating issues. To be safe just choose the galaxy s21

For lovers of big phones, the s21 ultra is a great deal on backmarket. Waiting for the fold 4 to hit $6-700 nipite na moja. Backmarket is way safer compared to ebay

I want to try back market. Any reviews? Also recommend good shipping companies.

Hebu tuchanue kuhusu hio black market kiongos.
Hio S10 kuna morio wangu alishika. Simu huwa na network issues banae. Ina bidii atumie mulika mwizi kupiga na kutoa pesa Kwa Mpesa. Hio S10 ni kupiga pikcha na net using WiFi.

Inamaanisha sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t? Because, kama ni s10 ya Samsung, then it has to be working through and through or it doesn’t work at all. I don’t see how a modern Samsung flagship can be anywhere hapo katikati! 2 scenarios

  1. If it works but intermittently, then it must have undergone serious repairs that didn’t bring forth good results.
  2. If it doesn’t work at all unless via wifi, then he unknowingly bought a demo unit.

Hizi, Mdau, ni simu nzuri but not flagships. They are also a tad too old to be OK to buy at those prices. The 109 dollar s10e will be well over 20K on delivery in Kenya, which to me means it’s expensive, considering the fact that you can get a newer and a proper flagship at roughly the same amount.

Just bought a refurbished Note 9 ($160) on eBay to replace my cracked Note 9. I had had bought a refurbished Note 20 ultra ($350) to replace it but I gave it to a relative because those underscreen finger print scanners are horrible !

I envy you. Note 9 is a timeless gem! I tried buying one from ebay UK hio jungu nyang’au ikacancel my purchase kwa sababu mimi ni nyeusi. I was very disappointed.

Last good phone before they started removing features and crapifying others. I don’t know what I’ll do when they become unusable.

Eish, 20k? Kwani what charges are those that doubles the phone’s price?