The Case of Sergey Skripal & Alexander Letvinenko, Britain & Russia

The Brits claim they have evidence that Russia was involved in the poisoning of Sergei, a former Russian spy who turned double agent and finally defected to Britain. The Brits tabled the evidence and the only reaction Vladmirovich made was a smile.

Whether or not you are a Russian, Leftist, Rightist, Capitalist or socialist, who has sympathy for sellouts ?
I find it hard sympathizing with anyone that sells their secrets out. And I think the Brits are pussies when put side by side with Russians. Alexander Litvinenko did not deserve to be killed. But by his actions, he requested to be killed. So did Sergei. I also think the Sergei story is a ploy to set up the Russians for sanctions. With all that Russia has been able to do in the open, what is the worst info Sergei could give away ?


Conclusion : Snitches get stitches

first; definition of terms- Sergei turned traitor and sold to Britain. was it greed or conscience?

Looking at the period when he sold out (1990s to early 2000s) I want to , without evidence, pin it on greed. Considering the USSR had just collapsed and Russians had just exited the economic chaos of communism, this guy could have sold the little useless info he had to the Brits for a comfortable life in London.

wanafichaficha nini? utoke kgb ukimbie britain kusemasema mambo huko and you expect not to be killed? In some jobs kama hutaki unaenda ocha unanyamaza. Also you cant be in the KGB and and the same time briefing M16 and CIA on secret operations and then go sit there in london thinking you are very important and very far away from russia. they wont even bother shoot you. utalishwa sumu utakuwa unahara polonium. you shit will be evacuated using nuclear reactor equipmment. being a double agent is dangerous. both sides can deny you and will often have layers and layers between you and them.