The case for Brookhouse and the likes

After kucheki ile thread ya bargaining birrioneas na vile ktalk peasants wanasema masomo kwa hizo shule is overrated, I beg to differ. Mi nishakuwa privy na vile hizo shule humould watoi na hujenga character nikicheki mafamily friends fulani. Kitu muhimu ni vile hizo shule zikiadvertise holistic learning they really mean it. Nishacheki vile art lesssons za mtoi wa class 7 zinapendukia kuwa mini-history lessons wakisoma socioeconomic aspects za certain time periods na vile english class wanasoma zile greek classics zinaitwa the illiad na odyssey. Huwa inapea hawa watoi a certain cultural confidence to make moves overseas ambacho we kama ktalk hoi polloi huwezi fake ata ufanye nini. Note kwamba hii ni masomo tuu pekee bado hizo after school na extracurricular activities, hawa mabirrioneas hawawezi kubrag mbele ya mabirrioneas wenzao isipokuwa kuwaambia vile Jayden ameenda kurepresent Kenya in squash pale World Youth Games Osaka, Japan au vile Natalia amefika International Math Olympiad pale Boston, MA.

In fact, if you get the opportunity to later study or work alongside hawa maalumni utanotice defining characteristics zao ni wako cool, calm and collected, no madharau no maringo vile wanajionea kuwa small fish in a much bigger pond. Fanya kazi/uwizi na bidii villagers upeleke mtoi Brookhouse utashangaa vile ako class 8 na ashakuwa na the same level of maturity/awareness we ulikuwa nayo pale 2nd year UoN au JKUAT.

Homo_patco unauthi

Wacha ningoje comments ya elders. Elders husemanga ukweli hawajawahi danganya

Shida hukuwa middle class wakienda kushindana na governors na ambassadors kupeleka watoto brookhouse. Hao ndio unaona wakilia juu ya fees za one term/semester or wateva they call it there. Personally I think such schools offer kids quality education and extra-curricular activities. Lakini utaona middle class renting a house somewhere in Kile or Lavington aking’ang’ana kupeleka mtoto huko. That type of education is a luxury na ni ujinga middle class akipeleka mtoto huko. On the other hand, for true birrioneas, I think it is worth every cent. Taking your kid to Brookhouse etc is only dumb if you cannot genuinely afford it and you are doing it to impress people.


Who is that underates Brook House education? :oops:

Whats your definition of middle class? Because if you can rent a house in Lavington and educate your child in Brookhouse, you may not be middle class to me.

@kijanamrefu wrote something similar a few months ago. I believe he said that he studied in Braeburn back in the day. The place helped him to learn so much about diet, nutrition, bodybuilding etc.

He also said that he learnt a lot of history including Kikuyu history, what they ate. He even visited Mt. Kenya to conduct research.

These schools are definitely worth the money. Believe it or not they also offer professional photography lessons which again @kijanamrefu took advantage of. Today he shoots magazine covers for Vogue. He brags about living in London and Hong Kong all because of Braeburn!

Another good example is … what’s his name … yes @Mzee mzima !

This one is a pilot at KQ. And he learnt how to fly while at Hillcrest International. He has flown for major airlines including Qatar. By 38 he was the President’s official pilot on long haul flights.

Having seen such illustrious examples I think these schools are definitely worth the money. And can you imagine that both fellows speak 7 languages including Latin and mandarin.

That is the holistic and quality learning that make those schools ‘brands’ in providing education.
The people complaining and bargaining fees are clueless middle class who are dangerously flying too close to the sun.
I supported the owner when he was saying the complaining parents to leave. It is only the compaining parents’ kids that’ll lose.


Hehehehe even @uwesmakende was there

:D:DWas @digi also there?? dude is quite cultured so cool to hang out with …ni chief editor pale washington post

Define ‘genuinely’ in this context!
Acha ujuaji. Everyone wants value for their money, uwe pauper au birrionea.

Sawa. Enda uishi Runda na salary ya 150k juu ni “value” for money uone ujinga yako itakufikisha wapi. Middle Class kupeleka mtoto Brookhouse ni same na kuenda kuishi Runda na Salary ya Ruaka. Lakini juu nyinyi middle class hujiona wajuaji sana, hamtakangi kuambiwa you are punching above your weight. Ndio maana you are complaining about fees za one term. Ukiambia mtu “middle class” hawezi afford fees ya Brookhouse and such anakuwa mkali sana.

This covid-19 is separating the posers and social climbers from the true birrioneas.

Was in Gilgil, we only flew the small planes.

But European and US citizens also complain that the standard of kina Brookhouse etc is the same as the free public education of US and Western Europe, thus it’s a ripoff to them as well

But they can’t get that standard locally, and that’s the point. That standard of education is not available locally except in those schools.

Pembroke house ama?

If you don’t have $20,000+ to splash on education in such schools every year, kubali tu wewe ni peasant and live to your standards. It is not a crime kusomea other schools :smiley: