The Caption a Picture ChallengeChallenge

Post a picture of your choice and put a caption . let’s play

After having sex with her for the first time and you are no longer interested with her.


A fisi, injured or not is always a hiti

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waiting for comments

leo umepost kitu ya maana kiasi…

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Kiasi tu

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Peleke hii shit Instagram …

Na bado naleta Sunday vichekesho

spare us please…your previous efforts were abysmal…



Go and post your vishekesho in your family whatsapp group. You suck big time senji.

the only faggot here is you piece of chieth

Don’t make me turn your fruity ass to a vegetable son…But ukitaka sweep kadhaa sema tu.

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How many of u think @uwesmake can understand the meaning of fruits n vegetables here…atasema haelewi yet very insistent to try and get my attention

Sijaelewa lakini [SIZE=1]naona kama ni innuendo ya groceries. [/SIZE]:D:D

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[SIZE=1]ni innuendo ya ushoga[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Hujui eating groceries[/SIZE] :D:D

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