The Cannibal Chronicals


This development was inevitable. Lakini how daft are Kalonzo, Wetang’ula and Mudavadi not to have seen this coming?

Kalojo will do nothing. Nyenze was the noisiest and him gone, wiper has no voice. Principals held by their balls and can’t do a thing


Throughout all of 2016 and 2017, we tried to warn JaKuonists here that the lake they saw shimmering in the distance was a mirage, but they were blinded by fantasies of Canaan.


Wiper also put on hold plans for the launch of the Peoples Assembly slated for Ukambani this weekend.
The journey to Canaan just got bumpier.

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As long as they tolerate the likes of Kalonzo, Ngilu and Muthama, the Kamba will remain rudderless and easily exploitable for JaKuon. Ni kama kurogwa.

@Mathaais and @Nattydread too early to talk politics. Why can’t y’all demand for some morning glory to jumpstart your day?


Yaani hii Njaanuary hulali, ni kuuza coomer 24/7?

Wasee wa njoti moja per quarter hutumia siasa as escape valve.

Chokoza @FieldMarshal CouchP. Yeye siku hizi ananyandua anything anytime, ni kama anapea pacemaker extreme stress-test.


Mine needs no jump starting.Always raring to go.o_O

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Had Kalonzo and Mudavadi went in together in the 8/8 elections and stayed together after losing, they would have been a serious headache in 2022. When they leave because Raila will still be flag bearer in next elections D- and Kingi will replace them in NASA na maisha yata endelea

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kipara one material hapa

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I thought @Nattydread after jubilee won mtaanza thread za kujiendeleza kimaisha?

Great kamba leaders during the Moi epoch left The kamba nation kwa serikali …ni hayo tu

what [SIZE=1]are [/SIZE]you saying?