The Cabal, Michael Joseph was a great friend of Mzee

The Cabal/The Elite, use templates. They do not sway from the templates. Once you know the templates, you can see and predict everything they do. You can get inside of their collective mind, and it’s just a constant repetition of the same tricks and the same tactics, over and over again. They rely on peoples short attention spans and amnesia of the past, to continue to get away with their fuckery, and not see what’s right in front of them.

These are not smart people. These are people bound by ritual and universal law, who have used the shadows to not be seen. But just like cockroaches, when you shine the light on them, they scatter.

Arror’s Candle

Missing wingman formation[ATTACH=full]286955[/ATTACH]

So can we finally be told who were the shadowy owners of Mobitelea which held 5% ownership of Safaricom from inception.

Gideon was very clear, Michael Joseph had a “special relationship” with mzee