The Burden of Choice.-Uhurus speech

Today I listened to the president give his speech in celebration of maradaka day.
Among other things he instead on the CONCEPT OF BURDEN OF CHOICE.

What is the true meaning of this concept.

It must be somehow connected to BBI

I don’t know.
I don’t care.
I don’t giver a shiet.
Staki kujua.

Amalize tu term yake atuondokee.

Someone will ride the donkey of shame in the near future.

kondele kijana wenyu amependwa ,

Tunapenda Ruto bure

Today was a covid 19 super spreader event.

I think he is just trying to be clever!
In philosophy, this concept is the believe that everyone possesses choices no matter how shitty the choices are! And choice is defined as the alignment of thought, will and action. And that all choices have consequences whether individually or collectively.

If he was referring to himself, it might make sense especially seeing how he is pushing the BBI down everyone’s throat tupende, tusipende. He might truly believe in the BBI…which I doubt. This means he had the BBI thought, he has the will to push it through and he is pushing it through the process. Anyways, if so, then someone should tell him that many people also ascribe to the notion of non-choice which is an additional philosophical believe to the believe that everyone possesses choices. i.e. BBI is bad and defective in its conception and presentation. Many are refusing to applaud it not as a political statement but because BBI is defective per se… it is intrinsically bad for Kenyans and that is why many are against it. The mixing of the good and the bad, where the bad in it outweigh the good is not helpful. Use of force to make people believe in BBI is not helping either.

Also, even though man has free will to choose, it is reigned in by the law so that there can be order in society. And he is not above the law…if Kenyans wanted someone who disobeys the courts, we could have gotten ourselves a King. So, if BBI is not supported by the laws that Kenyans made for themselves in the 2010 constitution, there will be consequences as to his choice. If he can understand the concept of non-choice, then he can stop being sooo angry and accept that even he can be wrong. That he does not have a monopoly to good ideas and that Kenyans, when they want to, are pretty smart people. Na huyo ndio ukweli wa mambo!

“So when Mr. Muigai says the constitution is a yoke around “our” necks, it’s not true. It’s a yoke around the neck of the presidency. And that is precisely the point of the constitution. It was to stop allowing the cow free to run all over the field, and instead to harness the power of the cow to till this land called Kenya.”
the true meaning