The bullets i have dodged-Nabongo Mumia part 2

In late 80’s nilikuwa kijana barubaru. I found this sweet girl from neighboring village . Nikavuruta yeye making her be my “come we stay” girl. 3 months later my sister came and told me that she was a loose girl and rumors had it that she has the big disease.

I carefully investigated and realized it was true that even the boys who dated her were having some strains of kaswende and kisonono. Yaani alikuwa “amechoma” wanaume wengi mtaani. I dismissed her services immediately. Because of psychological trauma I started thinning.I knew I also have the big one. I started being a serious drunkard wa mapungulu (chang’aa).I did my test few years later and was -ve. How it happened I don’t know … I married immediately after the news …

2006 I was driving from the great Mwitoti village to Nairobi.Kufika hapo Salgaa,a truck had lost its brakes. I realized something was wrong with it . So I carefully veered off the road. All the cars behind me were flattened . A total of 5 cars totaled and lives lost. I innocently looked at my wife who was sitting next to me cat napping having no idea what could have happened to us. I shivered that night after watching news. I never told her what happened till today.

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Our brother @uwesmake is HIV+. You were lucky bro

Allahu Kabir

Weuh!! I gues i have bn very lucky i have never encountered a life threatening situation. These stories make me appreciate life more.

wawawa … MADD RESPECT FROM ME SPONSOR! I bow to you!

Engineer, english lessons 101

This = singular

These = plural

Class is dismissed. Asande

:D:D…cheza chini saitan!! Nimerekebisha.

wapi part 1 omwami? WAPI PART 1???

Hapo ndo mtu hufika Nairobi na kwenda ku treat yourself and wife juu it was inches and you would be a statistic. Try to get the best of everything

Iko chini omwami …omurayi

wacha nitafute, nisipopata uwe tayari na link

Brother Aba umepitia mengi

@Abba!..wewe Mungu anakupenda.

Your Angels are working over time

part 1 haiko

Nabongo Mumia? :confused::confused:?

Watu waache hii umama ya kilimani ya kuweka hekaya na part 1 sijui part 2