The bullets i have dodged-Nabongo Mumia-Finale

Late 2000 I was at my home relaxing . At 9PM my house girl had gone to buy something kwa shop. When she walked back she came with some 5 thugs. She looked frightened. I was told to lie down and gave them all they needed. Luckily I always keep some thousands in my room. I guided them where to find it. As they were leaving one of the thugs wanted to hit me with a metal bar…but one of them mentioned to them that niliwahi participate kwa mazishi ya one of his relatives so I should be left unharmed .That’s how I survived.

I don’t know who gives me this favors. There are some more death bullets that I have dodged that I can’t remember …including one last night hapa Gambia. But as long as I live, I know my ancestor Nabongo Mumia is intervening for me to some holy forces somewhere. I have never understood why he does it but as a father … I hope he will be fair to my son when his time come.


ile pujo ulisemaje ?

Pole mzee lakini mimi situlii hadi iseme hekaya za Brazil.

I need some links in Gambia. Ntapata?

If we assume you are like a cat, with 9 lives, 6 are gone…

Umeponea mambo mob mujamaa

God. unafaa kuokoka sasa

counting your blessings

Shukrani tu,panda mbegu kwa hii namba 0738-----

Seems like you have a personal God