The Bugs in Lugari Constituency....

Seems like once bitten by these bugs, you crave to steal billions .

Barely three months ago, Lugari MP Ayub Savula said corruption suspects should be publicly executed.

Today, his words have come back to haunt him.

The MP is currently in police custody in connection to the loss of Sh2.5 billion at the Government Advertising Agency (GAA).

He was arrested on Friday evening and is currently being held at the DCI headquarters in Nairobi.
Savula had in May proposed that suspects in Sh 1 billion and above graft cases be publicly executed.

“Someone who steals Sh1 billion is equivalent to a murderer. How many people would die in hospitals for lack of medicine as a result of the theft?” Savula said at the time.
The legislator said there were many “big thieves” living in their homes while petty thieves rot in the jails.

This is someone closely associated with WSR and then u hear mad pple shout Ruto2022. If Ruto becomes president mtaona mother(s) of all corruption scandals. Zile pesa za harambee lazima zirudi.

Amesema he won’t stop donating money to churches . Where is he getting these monies from ?No one will be dishing hard earned money every weekend just like that ? Njenga Karume worked hard for his money but he was very protective of his money. Hii ya Uliam ni ya uwizi tu that’s why he is dishing out ovyo ovyo.

Kesi ya alfred keter ilienda aje? Ngoja uone the Savula defense team of M.Ps.

Within a few weeks after being released Alfred Keter was back on podiums preaching about corruption in Kenya. Very confidently. And they love the boy. Na mtamchagua tena. Hata Savula ni tano tena let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s not pretend. We are the problem. We love these people. We love when they steal and kill.

Watching those fellows cheer for Obado… was very sobering. Hadi wakubwa wanaenda kumuona jela, “We are with you governor stay strong! We are praying governor!”

Hata hapa Kenyatalk niliona mtu akisema governor hawezi na hafai kukaa jela hizo siku zote.

Ukweli usemwe hii yote ni ujinga tu Haji anafanya hapa. Most probably his eye is on the governorship. Or an “illustrious” career like his father shepherding the nation as the president’s man of trust.

The people of this country love the status quo tooooo much to watch them go to jail. NI WETU. NI MTU WETU TUMEMSAMEHE. NI KIJANA YETU WACHANA NA YEYE!!


Mliona Gichana jana?! Jailbird.

Angalia Waiguru…

If they could they’d give her a third term.

“Weh don’t dare touch our daughter! Waacha aibe hata akiiba ni zetu, NI WITU!!”

Obado akakataa kurudi korti who would dare arrest him? Who?! Hata labda slay queen wengine washaanza kumchokoza…

If he was jailed they would probably send delegations to state house, “Rais tunaomba uturudishie governor wetu SAA HII! Sio kesho… Now!!”

And of course THE HAGUE. I watched those mzungu’s faces and that African judge’s face. Hawajawai ona watu kama waKenya. Hawajawai ona.

So don’t blame the leaders. Stop complaining. We love them very much. We are in this together.

Theft of such magnitude is orgasmic to the personnel in our Justice System

Yet people are still blaming the West and now China. Africa’s leaders are the scum of the earth; my anecdotal experiences and facts confirm that no race mistreats their own kind like negroes. Most Africans are greedy, lazy, shortsighted, jealous mofos. At least if you steal start an industry, employ and empower people, grow the economy not just your harem.

Just imagine the total amount of cash this guy will have dished out by 2022? And then his sycophants expect us not to be suspicious.

Illiteracy also plays a major role. I was having a conversation with nigerians in a different platform. We were talking about their upcoming elections. Do u know what they told me? Ati the educated lot are not supporting Buhari but the problem lies with the illiterate lot who are the majority. This grouping am told will vote for Buhari to the last man and then later on when life is unbearable will start saying serikali saidia.

Doesn’t Sonko do the same thing? Lakini yeye ako na damu ya kupendwa coz few complain or question the source of his wealth. Then we also have those who steal but don’t give back to the community. They are all bad.

Doesn’t Sonko do the same thing? Lakini yeye ako na damu ya kupendwa coz few complain or question the source of his wealth. Then we also have those who steal but don’t give back to the community. They are all bad.

And we foolishly expect the same kind of people to grow our country and achieve vision 2030.

We think we got problems but Nigeria is ten times worse. I have met many successful Naijas (mostly doctors) in the US and all of them swear they would never return. Buhari is bad news…

Miguna asked, ‘wasn’t there a house maid who was strangled in Raila’s house seven years ago?’

Alinyongwa na nani na sio bodyguard?

Kama Haji angekuwa mwanaume, kama Haji angekuwa sincere si angefungua file… hehe that file would probably be shoved sideways up his rectum if he even dared but at least he’d have shown the effort.

Moi has been a kawaida citizen for the past 16 years. 16 years! Amewai ulizwa swali? Were his close henchmen ever touched? Moi is still around Bwana Haji, open a file, ask him a few questions? Where is Muge? What happened to Muge and Ouko, Mr. Former president?

The kids and journalists hurled from Nyati House… those who were never heard from again… the clashes… Matiba… massive corruption… Wagalla massacre… etc etc.

Over 1000 people massacred at Wagallah. Some say as many as 5000 people… Bethuel Kiplagat and friends strutted around town free as birds, for decades. Si angalau ufungue file Mr. Haji.

Mbona haulizi kuhusu Msando?

Jirongo made an allegation a very serious one concerning Ruto. But it became a national joke. ‘Jirongo wacha wivu.’

No journalist even followed up to find out if something like that ever happened.

Leo ndio Haji atafunga Obado na Savula??!

it could also be the reverse…but no politician is clean .

Kwa hivyo tuseme harambees anafanya ni money laundering yani anasafisha pesa?

We are the facilitators of our own problems.

He’s eying for kakamega governorship 2022

Haji is trying but as you said, his is Cosmetic.
Someone said before: It’s like applying lipstick to a pig.
Corruption is in the DNA of us Africans and it will take several generations to wipe it out.

Angela Merkel visited Nigeria earlier this year to discuss the immigrant issue (how West Africans enter Europe illegally via the sea).Buhari told her she should deport any Nigerian illegal immigrant found in Germany. Ati she should hand over Nigerians to him ati he will deal with them juu wanaibisha Nigeria. Nigerians in the diaspora were pissed after hearing this. Am not sure but I think Buhari also told Trump the same thing when he was in the USA.

Kitu kama hiyo