So we are having a drink with a friend at a local joint and he looks stressed.on inquiry he reveals that 3/4 of his units are vacant.initially they were full to capacity. It’s recently that tenants have been moving out Aangushe bei? Cz it seems the bubble has burst… Forgot to say [SIZE=2]he paid for the drinks. [/SIZE]

na bado

Stew ya leo iko na minji? Niletee na wali.

Huyu hawker anatembeza carpet, na iko kwa shoulder madze

yes, angalao aweakipata kakitu

bei haianguki my fren , itazidi kupanda - by 2033 - 70% of Kenyans will be living in urban areas

Describe the units.

Most developers have this rationale of quick money so they build shoddy houses ata panya hataki kukaa sana. Anahama na resident.

If you want to be successful as a landlord, build houses targeting the lower middle class. Rent not exceeding 15k and an extreme high of 20k.

One to two bedroom houses and have acess to water on the daily. You can seggregate kanjo water and borehole water. Never mix the two. That will ensure you have steady water daily for your tenants.

Hizo nyumba haziwezi enda below 50% occupancy.

the bubble is very far from bursting,as a developer you either shape up or go drying.
the middle class is growing at a very high speed ,whether the middle class is imaginery or otherwise is a debate for another day.if you think you can build shoddy houses in the name of apartments uta umia.

Kenyans have really come from far and have accepted that there are better options,eqipied with modern amenities,WIFI,DSTV connection cctv

this thread is still open??

True 20 decent units with 24/7 amenities will earn you more that 50 shitty units.

One bedroom


One bedroom and bedsitters… Around 20units

Minji iko


he has not equipped the units with dstv… Only WIFI

Kama alitumia loan kujenga pole kwake

Fortunately he finished servicing the loan sometimes back

What kind of units are they? How much is he asking for rent?

Tamaa ya watu hii Kenya itakubali kweli?

A housing bubble is a steady increase in housing prices fueled by demand, speculation and exuberance. … Speculators enter the market, further driving up demand. At some point, demand decreases or stagnates at the same time supply increases, resulting in a sharp drop in prices — and the bubble bursts.Mar 27, 2019

It was going to happen at some point. Rent Nairobi iko juu sana

For bedsitter is 10k and one bedroom 15k

Sio wote wako na tamaa