The Brutal Arab slave trade

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Arab pigs should be eliminated everywhere. We can deal with the Jew problem later


All the male slaves who were shipped to the middle east were castrated and that is why we have no blacks in the middle east unlike in the US and this is despite arabs engaging in the slave trade longer time than europeans. Arabs are mashaitani ie devils.


“The Arabs raided sub-Saharan Africa for thirteen centuries without interruption. Most of the millions of men they deported have disappeared as a result of inhumane treatment.

Male slaves would work as field workers or guards at the harems. To ensure that they never reproduced in case they got intimate with their fellow female slaves, the men and boys were castrated and made eunuchs in a brutal operation by which the majority would lose their lives in the process.

“The practice of castration on black male slaves in the most inhumane manner altered an entire generation as these men could not reproduce. The Arab masters sired children with the black female slaves.


Hehe. Wale vipii wa free Palestine wamenyamaza sasa.


Like I said hangar’s bastards and Abraham’s offsprings should be nuked up all of them . We can do well with white guys but not Arab pigs, Chinese cunts , russian mafia or Israeli swines

I can be anti white, anti israeli, anti christian fundamentalist, anti islamic fundamentalist and anti arab all at once.

Hesabu yako ya anti israeli = pro arab ni failure! Failure!

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Mimi kwanza nikiona a fellow African shouting free Palestine naweza lipua yeye personally. Arabs are scum but I’ve cummed inside their women - tamu kama sunguch.

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Anyone taking sides with the two waring countries should have their head checked