The Brianna Taylor Drug Cartel part 3

Please watch from part 1.This whole saga and DEA investigation was sparked by a Mexican drug dealer being found dead in a car registered to Brianna Taylor bcz you must wonder how the DEA zeroed in on her. So when I tell you this shit warranted a 4 years investigation by the DEA. The woman was in this neck deep. It started with the Mexican and it kept unraveling, btw the trap houses in the entire area were being supplied from her house.

@Hot Chocolate! Think thrice b4 defending these no good black Americans. How can you defend a fake nurse who is busy coordinating drug transfers in the entire area. You need to stop being so gullible btw. These are hardcore criminals you are busy defending.

DEA cannot investigate you for 4 years and fail to arrest you if they have evidence against you. They won’t even wait a month.

I have thought it over a million times, breona was not a fake nurse she was a real EMT technician, secondly I have asked you whether she deserved her day in court , you haven’t answered,
I gave you an example of real drug lord, John Gotti, not a small time peddler and how they are treated differently,
I have also asked you to spend more time on innocence project videos so that you can understand how police can fix evidence.
I live in this country and I understand the issues way better than someone watching videos online trust me that woman was innocent until proven guilty!!!

Guilty or innocent. I don’t care.

You really have no clue how the system works. They screwed up! They went to the wrong address (as they have done hundreds of times) and killed an innocent soul. Instead of admitting fault and face the consequences, they’ve dragged this innocent soul through mud. It has taken them months to say a word!! They’ve been looking for ways to justify their actions, including offering her EX-BF a plea deal if he could LIE that Breonna was in it. That’s BS!
Of course she can’t defend herself now, but we could stop tainting her name.

Well they waited here and they had live video feed enough to arrest on Day 1.The aim is to get to the biggest fish possible. Bursting small fish doesn’t justify their budget being upped.

In this case, the guy Ducks name was out on the streets. They already have a “big” target in this case. Don’t think Breonna was anywhere this deep. , if even involved.

hey , @TrumanCapote …stop this stupidity , brianna taylor was a normal black nurse , i see the low class mzungu you call a husband is influencing you to hate your own people too…