The Boys Are Coming Back Home

Such photos have become more common yukrane.
The lucky service men whose bodies could be returned to be buried by loved ones.

To acres of land under flags the resting place of thousands of dead service men


Forced mobilisation, or rather kidnapping from the streets without even loved ones being aware. Being shipped to the meat grinder in the east to die like cannon fodder.

To face hell on earth from russias incindiary weapons.

Or death by point blank shooting like the others

When yukraines public opinion against this war turns over then they will have peace. Then they will realise they were used as pawns in a fight they could have avoided.

They will know western countries true colours!

Knowing that death takes away everything, a dead person cannot be lucky

Lucky in the sense that their bodies could be returned to their loved ones for burial and closure Others got buried in mass graves. Yet others were not buried. Yet others got atomised and vapourised.

how thecoward putin released ‘khorshen’ was not good

Dying Putin sacrificed his failed regime and legacy for naught… just to use the war as an excuse…o_O:rolleyes::rolleyes:

[B]Vladimir Putin[/B] is reportedly set to “disappear” from his leadership position within the Kremlin because there is “clearly something wrong” with his health, [B][/B] has learned.

In a sudden development to come amid rumors and reports the 70-year-old Russian leader’s health is [B]quickly deteriorating[/B], intelligence officials have revealed Putin is preparing to step down as Russia’s leader.

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The surprising revelation also comes as Russia’s ongoing [B]war against Ukraine[/B] is "going from bad to worse,” and Putin’s political career is “hanging in the balance” as his forces struggle to take the neighboring nation one year after first invading in February 2022.
“He’s probably faced with another call-up. That clearly is deeply unpopular in Russia,” Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, recently said according to [B]Daily Star[/B]. “There must be massive tensions within the leadership group inside the Kremlin, there must be massive tensions socially across Russia over this whole issue.”

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Looks like someone killed his own man.

Propaganda needs facts


They can’t hide the truth forever


It’s all part of war propaganda. The side which is reporting is always winning, and the enemy is always catching hell, no matter how many from your own side have been decimated.

@Simiyu22 the Kholkhol have you seen that hell on earth video? cc @hakimoto

One year nothing to show.

You, thousands of kilometres away can tell? Yet he, a few meters, then centimetres away couldn’t? Uko na jokes mingi sana. :D:D

Yuess is upping the tension. Supplying their main battle tanks. Surely such reinforcements signal that vitu haziendi vizuri vile.

I pity the yukrainians. Watakufa kukufa. While not achieving what they want.

If it was only against yukrane it would have been over. But they are fighting the collective west. Like a world war again, but this time within yukrane. And they are grinding down the west. Slowly but surely


Not sure how opponent crawled inside that Fox hole unmolested. Then some careless engagement. He knows the enemy is on the other side. Why would he approach, not knowing how many lie in wait.

Lakini siku ile si you saw in a fox hole 2 yukrane men were ambushed from behind. Mpaka their opponent akashika gun yao but they refused to let go. And they died. Hawa yukrane soldiers we see today are regular joes with ordinary day jobs, kidnapped from the streets and taken to the front to die. The professional soldiers died off a very very very long time ago.