The boys are back!!

Sundays will be great again. Unfortunately no more grid girls [ATTACH=full]163782[/ATTACH]


ultra soft tires huwa how much.

sioni bila grid girls… hawa feminazi watatumaliza

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D poleni sana.
but enyewe it sucks , traditions should never be changed.

That said, @hcaikp ,we are done with Federer, can we now move to my bae,Hamilton?:smiley:

ata mimi

Formula One’s former commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone has warned owners Liberty Media to take the threat of a breakaway series seriously and said Mercedes could follow Ferrari out of the championship.
Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has threatened his team could quit if F1’s American owners follow through on plans for simpler engines and a redistribution of prize money after contracts expire in 2020.
Ecclestone, who moved aside in January 2017 after Liberty took over, suggested both Ferrari and Mercedes, who have swept the last four drivers’ and constructors’ championships, were on the same page.

hii ujinga na NBA niliwacha kuwatch after discovering football made in Germany and growing up

What time is the race? Kenyan time?

Tomorrow at 8

Sahii. On sky sports