The boy Child

What happened to our men anyway. Wanaume skuizi wako kwa salons,beauty palour shops,yaani unaspend your whole day with females mkipiga mushene, alafu ati unaniomba namba am like wtf wht do we talk about shoes? bra’s?..sissy boys who cant even replace a freakin bulb seriously why would i go anywhere with u. ata coffee usinipeleke.

There is something naturally special with sauti nono ya dume and a dont care attitude. salon boys kiberiti ikiisha anasema “ngosh sasa tutado”
Boys wanavaa tights na sadak shoe za ladies.boys wanavaa makeup na manicure na pedi.Boys who knw more about lingerie more than woman.These boys spend more time kwa internet researching on how how to pleasure a woman.
Boys let me let u on some about women, sometimes we just need it “rough and rugged”(spelling not confirmed).
We need our men back. The Real man.African men.I dont need a man to open the doors for me am not disabled.I dont need a man to go down on me that thing has more germs like licking the sole of my heals.The boy child is in trouble



Kuja nikushughulikie utulie…

Well put it madam,now bend over.

@Liana kujia souvnair blanc

I agree with you sis.

Mumeharibu boy child siku hizi wanaenda hadi salon na mama zao.
I met my neighbour kwa kinyozi with his son getting a facial. Mimi hapo pia na vijana wangu with strict instructions to the barber ati afagie nywele yote.
Hygiene and good grooming are good, but kuna laini haifai kupitwa.
Mwanaume with a coat of lacquer on his nails au ako hapo ameshine lips na gloss au tu usafi excess hapana.

Hutu ndio tugani?

There are men who can’t find good partners for being too neat.

Long’i nyeupe ya linen. Hata sheppart haiwezi kukusalimia.

Hi @Liana mimi hata saloon sijui ndani nini iko.tunaweza patana inbox

Maybe if he starts imposing his ocd-like neatness on the partner…

Just yesterday some pink handler put some safisha macho images of the kind of men KTalk ladies admire… I think it was @Jergen
And all the ladies liked them!..
Now we have another lady telling us otherwise…

“Women don’t know what they want and they won’t stop bitching until they get it”.

  • Oprah Winfrey.


I knew one who washes the utensils once more after his girlfriend is done washing them. They make their partners feel inadequate, when a man interferes too much with the running of the household, conflicts are likely to arise.

Hao ndo wale wanasukumana na wife kwa dressing table.

Kusema ukweli ,huyu boy child ako na chida mingi.

and then what? let me guess uniombe namba,unichatishe kwa wasap ukiniuliza naishi wapi nafanya nini and all tht silly shit. alafu unipe date u try to get btwn my thighs alafu tuboiane…

Ni nduu ino maitu ??ama you meant “tutombane”

oh, tu-bore-ane? he he, thought it was a typo for something else ant i was like “what???”