The boy child rant that is the talk of every thread reality

This a very strange phenomenon, it basically claims that before this nyakundi guy started this rant, men were basically fools and didn’t know what the modern women were up to.
Well it’s either that or there is a huge number of stupid men in Kenya , who can’t tell the difference .
Actually it should be true there are many stupid men , I always blame it on rural urban ,culture shock .
From seeing women in shags to all over sudden seeing semi nude dressed up pretty ladies for the first time .
If you’re born and bred in Nairobi back in the 80s and before you can attest to this.
Since the guys can’t vibe so they started splashing money on women who were out of their league.
Basically no pretty girl will waste their time on a guy who’s either down on looks on vibe and money becomes the common denominator .
Now women style up and up their game to use the ‘thinks he knows it all guy’,and chop his money to the last coin .
The trend evolves and now most guys are using women and women use men in return .
I see men ranting ’ these women these days ', well it’s a result of what was started long ago.
See you don’t expect the woman to have a good time , wine and done with you, dance with you , and doesn’t know you out to bed her, do you ?
Consequently she’s gonna have her guard up and if she’s the straight type she’ll let you know early there’s nothing to expect at the end.
If she’s the what you refer to as SQ she’s gonna chop that money proper , because she knows what you want , she might as well benefit financially from you while at it, it’s not like you gonna keep her after you get what you want, right ?
Well actions and intentions have consequences.
If your intentions are nasty , then expect anything . Problem is it’s now developed to a situation where no one is trust worthy so everyone has their guard up.
You can’t find a decent guy or girl anywhere any more.
For all who are not married and intend on marrying , change your social circles if you are serious about settling down .
It’s not gonna be easy finding a decent one but you’ll find one .


Izi weka Monday bana, ball imeshika


Soma Monday:D

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A lot of what I’ve seen involves someone crying foul because they splashed money for drinks and a good time for the lady, but didn’t get laid. Guys need to wake the hell up and get proper “birds and bees” advice. You are not owed anything by anyone because you spent money on them. Proper advice for both boys and girls is needed. Doing something because “hata mimi nilifanywa hivyo” prolongs outdated ways.

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Talks have been there, only new thing is repeatitive and unending word “boy child”. But sijasoma past first paragraph.

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its the modern day living, life is turf for all.

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Your penis is small.