The Bisexual Husband - Andrew Gillum

Wow. If this isn’t standing by your man I don’t know what is but married women go through ALOT especially those married to high profile men. Maajabu ya Musa. SMH. @finestwine

I’m bisexual but I’m not gay.

I’m a public figure and I almost died doing drugs in a hotel room but it’s none of anybodys business.

Going to a hotel with any one who isn’t your spouse is infidelity but when it’s another man and you are a man, we should understand that love is on a spectrum.

This is God’s plan and we are not supposed to question God’s plan, since when was it ever God’s plan for your husband to be a homosexual?



Lol. Why don’t you try married life. Just get someone, safisha him, paka Vaseline , clean him up and fuga him. Get a taste for married life.
Seems like it troubles you way more than it does the couples.

No thanks. The one I grew up in was enough to last me ten lifetimes.

If I was to do it, it’d have been when I was 18. Where’s the energy for all this kind of drama at my age unless I want to go to an early grave.

My issue is not that they’re married. My issue is that they better say nothing than coming to the public, remember this guy ran for governor of Florida and he almost had won, he has the audacity to come to justify his immoral and wreck less life what if he became the governor, is overdosing on meth and booze and lying in your vomit a good look for a governor? With a male prostitute also overdosed next to you and you have the nerve to say that you were taken advantage of? What was a married man going to a hotel room with a male or even female prostitute to do? Bible Study? At his level surely? Good luck ever getting elected to be the chair of a rodeo with this scandal.

Lol Jojina be tagging me correctly. I would have missed this. Must listen to it as I have never understood why some folk can be so so so greedy. Having se.x with both genders and trying to tell us that it is normal. Kapish.

He is a Democrat. Democrats are known for their queer and peculiar sexual habits.

I remember there was the time @Amused used the photo of a famous nfl star who is also a very well known poster boy for bisexual black men, as his profile photo on ktalk.

That already says a lot. Plus his deep hate for Trump who is anti homos. Add 1 plus 1 you get 2.

I am inclined to agree with Simiyu here. Try it…you just need to find the right person. Choose wisely and carefully.
Thing also, you watch v many American videos. Those people are KURAAAAAAAAAAZY. Most do not the difference between the non and non norm. Anything goes.

Lakini Makena hata kama uko na PhD and you are an empowered Feminist lady who makes her own money it is only healthy that you let a man to fuck you thoroughly and regularly every once in a while.

Otherwise you will be very frustrated because you have no outlet for those feelings.

And when you are old you will appreciate your partner’s presence even more.

Finest wine may pretend that she agrees with anything you are saying here but she’s getting some on the kitchen table as she is telling you her nonsense. Na anapikia huyo hubbie yake like a submissive wife.

This is an act she puts on here.

Women who knowingly get in relationships with bisexual men deserve all the drama that those men put them through.

This Makena Capote lady be secretely admiring Andrew’s life style. How long does it take to watch 7 whole segments of anything?

My dear, we can’t all find straight men, according to one @Purple you gotta take what you can get, least you end up an old maid with cysts and no one to take care of you when you are old.

Black American men are 40% of the prison population. Others are on drugs, in gangs and some women feel marrying outside the race popularity known as swirling as betrayal.

When you become desperate, you can put up with Satan himself if need be. Who cares about standards when you can be the first Lady of Florida or even the next black potus. If you are not tolerant to alot of BS,my advice is please don’t get married. Women even stay with their husbands who infected them with HIV. Others nurse their husbands who left them to live large with slay queen only to return when the money was gone and their health failing. If as a woman you are not very forgiving and willing to put up with just about anything to sustain the illusion of marriage including your children being molested by your husband, just stay single, marriage doesn’t favor those with rigid principles you know those who see things in black and white and aren’t willing to compromise.

The same rule should be applied to the men who happily embrace bisexual women. There is a lot of hypocrisy in the gay world.

Men like bisexual women so that they can have orgies or threesomes.

Yes of course! v selfish individuals. Get BOGOF se.x.

Well that’s unfortunate for those women. No one should ever have to put up with bullshit just to conform to society’s rigid rules. But then what do I know, I’m not the marrying kind.

To the average man, the more the merrier but I completely agree with you. It’s a messed up world out here.

The same acceptance should be extended to the bisexual women who want 2 men at the same time. Yaaaaaaaawa. Oh Sick.

The majority of (wo) men are living lives of quiet desperation said Henry John Thoreau.

I must say, I admire the level of commitment it takes to ignore any and every thing to the attainment of a goal. Which in this case would be getting and staying married.

Lemme give you a few examples of situations IRL not my life people I know.

The woman goes to her husband to bes house, the woman is expecting, she catches him in bed with another woman. She runs crying to her mom, this is a week before the wedding. Her mom tells her that that’s how men are and she will humiliate her parents by calling off the wedding and becoming a single mother.

There’s a brainwashing women get about marriage. That it validates their existence. That their self worth is intristincally tied to having a man. This is why a woman will know her bf or even the father of the child is molesting sexually or physically abusing their kids and do nothing about it because they feel like they are nothing without a man, their entire identity and existence is tied to a man or men.

Some women risk their lives, going to jail, name it, to keep a man. There’s a website called, here’s the link and a YouTube page the Soto Podcast which highlights cases of child abuse. The kind of things people especially women allow to happen in those relationships to their own children is crazy. Just to be in a relationship. It’s worse than people on drugs bcz at least a drug addict will say they sold their child to pay for drugs or pay a drug debt, but a sober woman, no drugs, with a man who cant even have a job, she’s working 2,3 jobs and the guy is still abusing her kids and the woman can’t get herself to kick him out. Some of these so called marriages and relationshits deserve to be classified as a mental illness, how else can you explain putting a man before yourself and worse your children.