The Biologically Illiterate Health Minister - Kagwe

Or does he make sense?


Hakuna kitu anajua huyu. Hawa watu hupata hizi kazi aje?

Sijawatch, lakini nimelike, kagwe ni corrupt to the core.

I hope thats not the governments view or else the world will be laughing at us.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe that such position requires a person who don’t use his brain if he has one

You’re all fools, elders.

the image on this post is one of bacteriophage virus… a virus that eats bacteria…

this virus has since been isolated and can be reproduced actively…

Enter Covid-19

has the virus been identified and isolated…
is there a vial of active c19 virus somewhere in a lab…
if we inject that vial to a rat… can it show covid19 symptoms…?

so how do you produce a covid19 vaccine before you isolate the virus… and inject it to a healthy host who shows covi19 symptoms

later develop a vaccine, innoculate 10 people or rats… expose them to covid19 virus… and determine 9 out of 10 could not get infected in the exposure, once innoculated…

another aspect, is why the russian vaccine remains ignored for weeks now…

what thresholf did pfizer exceed, that the sputnik russian vaccine did not?

when pfizer announced the vaxx… immediately joe biden set up a covid committee…

the media positioning him to be soon a hero of the covid19,

its unfortunate that covid19 has since been entangled with politics… and never remains isolated as a scientific issue.

With all due respect, SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated for real. Your argument trying to pour cold water on a possible vaccine does not hold water. How does the bacteriophage fit into this argument?

Stop commenting on things you know little about. Knowing viral structural proteins a lone is enough for vaccine development

so tusiongee juu hatujasoma? io madharau ndio hustlers hawataki. tutapeana opinion yetu kwa mjadala yyote kwa ii kijiji

This is what happens when unqualified people are given the job


An equal retarded ‘detective’ asks

That guy, Trump should hire him. Oh gosh.

Hii ghasia ni kama inatafuta tender ya kutengeneza dawa ya kovindi. Mtu fake Sana kazi ni vitisho baridi na kukunywa chai ya 4m.

Kizungu ni ngumu kwa hawa kamati ya roho chafu.
He just stated he has reservations about the new vaccine and this is an opinion of many Kenyans.
Si muende mudungwe basi

What if everyone considered his sentiments from a population control point of view?

Bado wangempigia kelele?


Just an argument as stupid as Mutahi’s. But to bring you to his point, he asks “how do you know I will get it so that you give me the vaccine”? Unjustfiable ufala.

i told them this , they called me a conspiracy theorist