The Biggest Difference Between A Functioning Society & Kenya

We are lazy.

If you have been to a supermarket in a functioning society you already know. A german supermarket teller will be done faster than you can pack what you have bought back into the trolley. And if you are slow in paying, the rest of the queue will already be murmuring insults. Time is money. A Kenyan supermarket teller doesn’t take her job 1/10 as seriously.
If we can’t master the small jobs, how will we ever master the big stuff?


kenyans work hard

I disagree. Totally. Having lived in different countries. Kenyans are lazy.

True but not smart

This is what you decided to post today. You cant prove this nonsense

I don’t need to prove it. It’s my experience. Kenyan supermarkets are painfully inefficient. Sometimes I feel like slapping the attendant

Vile @Night-runner amenena

Alafu unapata a mzungu German tourist amependa hiyo hiyo experience ya Kenyan supermarket.

Wale hubore sanasana ni wamama who fika kwa till unprepared,picking wrong items, mining crampled notes from their handbags and usually it’s insufficient then ending up calling bae in Lokichar to pay via till.

Why not stay in Germany

Not enough money to make.

And a much higher cost of living too I assume. These are the tradeoffs between developed and developing nations. Some things are better here, others are better there.

In my opinion, apart from groceries, Nairobi is more expensive than many german cities. Nairobians are overcharged for the mediocre.

But not smart as OP is implying…big difffrence

Wale tunaingia supermarket only kununua throat sanitizers tukae wapi?

Upuus, a german supermarket teller can afford a lot of things with his/her salary, while in Kenya majority are paid 15k and below na bado boss anamtukana throughout.

Can you see the connection between their lethargy and the low pay?

Big connection, if you are paid 12k per month while the owner is making millions,you can’t expect me to be enthusiastic . Na bado the boss is a rude mathafaka

You can’t see the connection but you think you can. Hukuenda group of schools. Have you considered the possibility that out of the lethargy, the employer is forced to employ more under the misguided notion that kazi ni mingi kumbe watu wanaregarega tuu?

In this kind of job ukijitolea ufanye kwa bidii, bado mshahara ni 12k, whether the business is understaffed or not.