The Big Question

Why are these oppositions guys holding very few public rallies as compared to Jubilee. I have not seen their billboards, in their rallies, there are very few people wearing their T-shirts and caps. Are they cash strapped or its that they are not ready for the elections? Experts leteni views

orengo never campaigned, never printed a T-shirt nor billboard during nominations the rest is history…

Wamesota, hii side ingine pesa wanazo ubaya ni za wizi. RWNBP!!!

Does Geoffrey Mosoku know what he is talking about? Unless you are a blind deaf-mute,…

Acknwoledge source, MF


kenya si nyanza my fren

Their only sponsor is wanjigi the corruption kingpin who apparently is also facing several tax demands for billions in taxes he never paid.

Babuon doesn’t want to use his I’ll gotten finances from selling odm nomination certificates two or three times to unsuspecting candidates. That’s retirement savings, supporters should just accept and move on.

Kidero has robbed Nairobi blind and those billions will be used to delay his imminent corruption cases in court for decades. He will also ran for Presidency so that he can also claim he is being witch hunted na yeye ni safi kama pamba.

Susulite hoho D-minus is still throwing tantrums about government stopping his drugs trade with his supporters, smuggling ring through family cargo clearing facility and watching Kilindini port so that its not uprooted and transported to Naivasha by SGR.

Itasafirishwa usiku kama amejiknockout…hehehe. Nice one @spear

NASA’s priority is to protect their vote, that’s where resources have been invested,not dressing people.
what has dressing them in all the other stolen elections done?
In any case, almost all NASA candidates, from MCA to Governor have Raila and Kalonzo on their posters and billboards, isn’t that enough publicity?

vile umeambiwa, next time acknowledge the source :