The big question now

Will HE PORK WSR Kenya kwanza government make it to the 2027 election ? Ama kutalipuka kitu kubadilike before then ?

He is a loyal donkey for western parasitic owners of capital. his second term is assured.

Dedan Kimathi’s bones will be found at Kamiti 2 months before next elections.

Interestingly m, I see this guy doing his ten years. This is why;

-Baba will be on the ballot in 2027. As a result there will be apathy from those who love/like him but feel he should have given way for someone else to run. Remember already it’s been happening in his backyard in Nyanza, so many pple never voted in the last election.

-Kalonzo believes this is his turn, therefore he will really his backyard to his candidature. Kambas being as loyal as we know them, they will back him, a large chunk. The others will support Baba and Ruto in notable chunks.

-Withour Uhuru, the opposition will be fragmented and will therefore be easily vanished by Nabii

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Kenyans are really fed up of these Kenya KWISHA Shareholder Hustler Clowns …
If a Poll was held TODAY , Zakayo would loose hands down

Prove me wrong by running a Quick Poll right here right now:blush:

Call for a general election and see them reset to factory and re-elect Nabii. It looks like you don’t understand mwananchi vizuri

Anus linker, you’ve lost hope?

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Baba stands and the usual suspects will come up in big numbers to make sure he fails.
Baba backs kalonzo or any other candidate and his supporters will not automatically follow him. There is no burning desire for a voter from shamakhokho or bundalangi to wake early in the morning to vote for kalonzo.
Politicians in nyanza capitilize on him standing because it makes it easy for them to win.
Sasa how will They mobilize voters? Hapa ndo UDA itapenya.
Sadly Ruto is with us mpaka mwisho.

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Iyo ng’ombe inaitwa uhuru ikijaribu kutuletea Maina Njenga Mungiki sugu by force tutarauka mapema sana very fast kurudisha Jambas statehouse.

Stranger in Jerusalem, unatarajia nini ilipuke?

This in a nutshell.
Nashindanga nikuliza talkers nani anawezana na PORK najibiwa na high fallacy au radio silence. The advantages of incumbency (ka kufungulia watu mashtaka) and a lack of credible opposition will see PORK clinch re-election with relative ease.

Lose to who? Wajackoyah?