The big BMW engine project

Alafu unapata quotes zao ni expe shait

Tafuta Makanika Origi aka @introvert

Shimo kwa mattress.


Niko na swali…ni ukweli ukiwasha gari asubuhi alafu ianze kutoa tumaji kwa exhaust ni kumaanisha engine iko sawa kabisa???

Its just a matter of interest.I highly recommend getting user manuals online if not join forums and you will get lots of knowledge.

Buda I am untrained.
Briefcase kabisa.

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:):):):slight_smile: you love what you do .Thats all that matters.

Juzi wamecon Mchinku mwenzao.
They made him order fuel pumps for a Touareg, broke one while fitting it and super-glued it together. The car limped to KPMG.
After spending a pretty penny on new pumps, turns out shida ilikuwa ECU.


He will never be ready. Turbo Subaru haikosangi mechanical excuse.

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Damn but they never go far btw i was conned a fuel pump long time ago i later learnt how to clean one after another mechanic failed to find out the problem

… All the best mate but it shouldn’t take you that long… Timing atmost should be 45 minutes

:eek::eek::eek:, super glue :smiley:

Kazi ni passion… Sat down with some good mechanics when assembling engines and today can diagonise my jalopy…I just instruct the mechanics what to fix

DIY is the way to go. Mechanics nowadays are so fake and after quick cash. I saw a mechanic telling a subaru owner to buy another engine coz the car was misfiring and he couldn’t seem to diagnose the problem…thank God the guy was hesitant and I was able to pull him aside and told him to try another mechanic who found and fixed the problem in 15mins coz it was just a broken lead wire


How is that incident related to DIY being the way to go?

Learn the simple mechanics so that you can diagnose and fix small problems on your car.

How to hold up valves, trade secret I don’t bother with valves. I do a leak-down test and if they pass I just go for the seals straight.

It now takes me 5 minutes. This was my first excursion.