The big BMW engine project

So what started as a home garage passion is turning into serious mechanics for me. I am now repairing small problems on BMWs and already have a retinue of believers. It takes a little madness to do this but I have the comfort in the fact that if I mess up a car I can take it to Bavaria:D:D

So an acquaintance had a smoking E46. I diagnosed it as having worn valve seals. He challenged me to try replace them. I had never tried anything like this. Looked at the repair manuals and said what the heck!!

One week later the valve seals are replaced and we are now starting to put it back together. To replace valve seals most mechanics will pull out the cylinder head. Not yours truly:):slight_smile:

  1. Remover the cylinder cover
  2. Removed the camshaft and its furniture
  3. Started with cylinder one and kept the valves loaded so they don’t fall in, pushed the spring in (three fat chaps) removed the spring, seal, put in new seal. Pressed the spring in (three fatter chaps), locked valve in.

The job takes a day but getting a special tool to enable me do it all in one Sunday since I still have my office job to keep…

Now Ill start retiming the valve train. Wish me luck!


There you see the two vanos sprockets (what japan calls VVTI) and the camshaft, exhaust side. Its rockers arranged by position

Below the subject matter before disassembly



How will your charges compare to Bavaria?

Eeh Mr. Ochi. When i grow up i want to be just like you!

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Well done. It’s nice how passion turns into opportunity.


Hiyo passo yako ni long distance runner. Consumption itakupeleka mbali lakini short races itabidi ucheze carpet.

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Passo :D:D:D:D
Omera yawa mimi owessdrive Passo. Owess na Owess!

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This is the M54 Dual VANOS Engine?

Makanika fake toka hapa


Ebu tuambie ni nini umewai jitengenezea tuskie


hehe smoking at the exhaust pipe? nashuku umepotea ndugu. lakini endelea tu juu ushafanya.

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Much respect to car owners who can makanika their cars… Mimi hata bulb ikiungua simu upesi upesi… “karanja uko wapi? Kujia hii gari haraka”


Bavaria 120k, your truly 35k!!

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:D:D Boss, if you are still waiting to grow up then you are suffering from mid life crisis


You were to tell me when you Japanese contraption is ready.

Nope, this is the N43B20 dual vanos, valvetronic, 4 pot.

Yap, left to idle the car begins to smoke big time after 10 or so minutes.

Failure and mistakes are the only sure paths to absolute knowledge. I don’t fear to fail or to get it wrong. I have the tools, the medulla and the strength to go back at it until its working 100%. I am sure I will do this just as well as a trained mechanic. I have the benefit of BMWs workshop manual.


Nishawai tengeneza khuma ingine hapo ya Kutoka Meru. Niliipiga manyundo mbaya. Ama umeuliza kuunda gani?

@introvert, kuja peana marks hapa

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Niulize juu ya Bajaj 6000cc.
ION if you take your German machine to the guys right opposite Yaya please lube yourself.
Those guys do not know their shit.


@ochithunder awesome work my jalopy is in dire need for valve seals replacement. Quick question how do prevent the valves from falling into the chamber?

What about grinding the valves so they can have a perfect seal for the chamber?