The big 3

yaani mimi na @Mzee mzima ndio tutadry fry daughter zenu:D:D:D:D

Have ever read “desiderata”

Jaribu. Wewe kazi yako Ni kutafutia Mimi series Moto Na looking for new releases. Sawa?

:D:Dpia daughter yako nitamtafutia “series n chill”

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I am not into poetry but that is good one!

In your thirties, look out for women. They come in hordes whether u r married or not. Worse if you have some money or have shown potential to grow money. Resist all urge to act younger. Hook up with forties and fiftees . They have good advice on jow to navigate the treacherous waters of middle age crissis(its not a myth. Its as sure as menopause)


couldn’t agree more… and it starts happening in ur late 20s when u have a stable income… and they are very much ok with doing it without protection… but it feels nice to be chased… my married friends say the ring is the ultimate magnet, i’d like to experience that stage

the last three years for me have been mind boggling, nko 35 sai na nime notice hawa college chicks are always throwing looks n very suggestive glances, iwe nikiwa kwa Gari , matatu au ata kwa bank floor…there’s something that makes their uterus blaze up in awe when they see my age group…


i agree with that. sometimes its scary

Nothing to worry about…traditionally we never used to bother much with age and how old somone is…as one would say ‘men are as old as they feel and women are as old as they look’…

Ha ha ha …i have a pal who was enjoying life…by 32 …5 yrs later he cannot find a good woman ,really stressd out

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29 yrs in April 2016

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Midway through my 30s…wife and kids-check
Brokeness every other month - check
Mpando wa Kando - still waiting on @Supu don to sign the contract

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@Father Figure , i feel you, and especially when you immediately and without warning you start being bald, kichwa inakaa kama ile ya Kibaki, start now mingling with wazee coz they will give you free advice (i mean the good wazees), think of changing your dressing i.e. vaa kama mtu mzima all will be well. For my case i joined third floor six years ago and life is fine.

unaweza kweli kaka?

Mimi bado niko second floor… Lanyes kuhunt ni tricky but isorait

Isorait… but Karma is a biach… na ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa, tia chako maji

sijui, but im ready to try. Nikiwezwa i will hand you over to uwesmake

Been there and seen it all, once you hit thate wacha kinjifanya kijana, join the wazee clubs for free advice. Starting my fourth floor and very comfortable.