The big 3

Ndio huyo mimi nagonga miaka thate… i feel like an ancestor… to the old guys how did u survive this period without succumbing to clinical depression… i’m not yet where i wanted to b careerwise, savings-wise, recreational-wise(sijafanya bungee jumping bado)… sometimes i feel like showing up to these fresher parties but uzee unanipa wasiwasi

age ain’t nothing but a number until u hit 30… now even if i do something outstanding it won’t be as amazing as when a 23 year old does it… watu watasema tu ‘he’s just an adult doing adult things’


i feel u bro, pia me naenda rave sikuizi na siezi toboa mpakache…uzee bana


^^ha! una miaka ngapi… umegonga thate?

29 bana, i remember in my early 20s i used to rave mpakache na kuingia job kama kawa

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Mimi nlikua na hizo deadlines za upuss, I realize I can still live life bila self induced pressures. Mimi huyo nko 35, the boy in me is still kicking ass. Anyways nothing to worry about, nothing magical will happen to you hitting 30.

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These days the most cat hours I can manage usiku is mututho hours

Don’t worry mate you’re not alone…Am in my mid 20’s but i feel old already

If it’s in a positive way that’s cool. Being 60 to me is old. My cuz will hit 50 soon and passes as my age.

Life begins at fote a scare at age 28 that gave me white hair.


Umeona ??

Welcome to third floor bro.
I am halfway through and the view is awesome.


Married at what age?

kuoa bado… hio thate fae… so i’m still on track… once i hit my late twenties warembo walijitoa pangoni… so i’m still enjoying them before proposing to one… but she’ll have to be a virgin

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Keep fit, eat healthy, you may need to cut back on your alcohol intake, otherwise before you hit thate five will be grappling with erectile dysfunction and you’ll be looking like an ancestor.


first wife at 27 second at thate wan, third never. iwinjo?

Eh! Pongesi

means? Used to hear Arach from the hostel saying that

hehehe mimi ndio niliingia second floor ata stairs za kuenda third floor sijaziona bado!

iwinjo = you heard me right?

scale down your ambitions.
njamba ikuaga na matanya.(a hero dies still full of ambition)

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Will be forty in the next 3 years and I am no longer worried about deadlines… Am happy to be alive, taking it one day at a time… and no longer so pressured by what others outside my family (wife & kids) think of me…, I have managed to do things that I thought I would never achieve and in the same thread fallen short of things I thought were obvious and took for granted.

All in all, its important to determine and accept your current position but that does not mean that you should settle for mediocrity, re-strategize and make a plan with SMART goals (Yes, just like those corporate strategic in plans ) with short-term, middle term and long term goals.

But above all, ensure that you foster and build true relationships with your family and a few true friends… because as we age material things begin to lose their allure and relationships mean more…however others also say YOLO