The Bible was used to justify hanging black children by colonialists


wonder which verses they were reading ?


Apparently hao ni American troops stationed in Haiti doing a mock hanging to scare a young thief.


Belgian Force Publique officers walikuwa wanavaa hivi :


The askaris who used to chop off the limbs were mercenaries drawn from Zanzibar and Nigerian Hausas. Warrior tribes. They wore blue and red uniforms as seen below :



Their jaws were thick and heavy set for crashing hard wild nuts and fruits foraged in the Congolese jungle. Jaws designed for grinding down tough foods and grains into a fine paste or powder. Jaws designed for crushing monkey skulls or tough game meat.



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One last fact that is often ignored is that ALL mzungus on earth knew that Congo was an extremely wealthy country.

So from day 1 they all wanted the Belgian king out of Congo. The British were at the forefront taking photographs of hands for the world to see :


Why would British missionaries give a flying fuck about Africans being tortured???

Yaani wanachoma ndio huyo King atoke huko. Same with the Americans and even the Russians. England ilichukua hadi South Africa by force from all the other mzungus who wanted diamonds.

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