The Better Devil.

This is my story why I will unapologetically vote for Ruto 2022. I know i will be called names and thrown dirt towards my way but at least i have my own reasons why. To start it off Ruto is considered to be corrupt or even lets say he is corrupt. But what is the difference between Ruto and other key politicians… They are all corrupt after all… Even what Ruto has taken pales in comparison to what Raila, Gideon Moi and Kenyatta have looted from this country. I have no time to argue about this fact… Of how these families are really corrupt and has held us in ransom . What about other alternatives like Kalonzo and Mudavadi… They may not be as corrupt as that way… But there are key things i am looking in a presidential candidate they lack. Mudavadi and Kalonzo besides standing no chance of being president in kenya because of our tribal nature are indecisive and not assertive fellows, even if they were to win the presidency they will be controlled by the powers that be. Ruto might be corrupt but he is a person who when he makes a mind to accomplish or do something he will do it for good or worse. Another reason is that Ruto is being fought by some guys who to me are not righteous at all but appear like cartels who want to strangle the economy… The likes of Uhuru, Raila, Atwoli, Tony Gachoka, Murathe and others. Do you think these are the guys who have good interests of Kenya at heart and are righteous enough to point at Ruto. I guess they know Ruto is not a person who can easily be manipulated and thus they feel their interests are threatened should Ruto be president . I do not want to talk about Kivuta Aukot and others because even if I vote for them they won’t win. The most important thing is for my vote to count and be decisive. Ruto win will also mark a win by a common man over dynasties that have long held our politics…even if Ruto goes for one term it will mark a transition to a point where any villager can rise to the top and be president. In fact the handshake was about the dynasties and their families maintaining hold over the Kenyan politics and economy. This is the reason why two people sat down and decided what they want for this country without involving other leaders. If this was a pure genuine thing why did they not involve all major political leaders or parties and even have ot passed through the Parliament to be legalized. Ruto may not be the best bet or the suitable candidate for the presidency but he is the better devil to take the bigger devils head on as we strategize on another person to take from him once we have used him to get rid of the bigger problem

He he…munajaribu kutusukumia


the only reason why i might vote ruto is am tayad of odingaism and uhuruism and moism
any other reason ni upuzi wote ni wezi

Ruto is a go-getter, his corruption scandal notwithstanding.

Will Ruto take care of your interests?

You have no time to argue about this because it is lies

He may not take care of my interests but either way i have to make a choice… And the best reasonable choice now is him

What was your name again enlightened sir?
… Oooh

I meant i have no time to argue about Ruto being corrupt than the major families of Raila, Uhuru and Moi because this is as clear as water

I would love if someone starts arguing for or against my judgement and not to start looking at me from tribal lenses by asking or using my name

sijasoma hata one sentence. Your name was enough

It is good for you…

You are right about the worse part. When Ruto decides to loot all of Kenya, he will do it. He has no conscience. I understand that many Kalenjin will vote for Ruto because its important to have their man in power.

But if other Kenyans are that stupid basi shauri yao. You saw what Moi did. He almost brought Kenya’s economy to a standstill by around 2001. Moi was also just as decisive as Ruto. When he decided to loot, he looted every single thing.

I hope that even Kalenjin understand that with the new constitution, a president cannot bring maendeleo only to Kalenjin areas the way Moi did and Kibaki did. Money is now spread across all counties. So having your man in power will not add more mursik to your table

No matter how many lies you tell, Loot all is the defending champion of corruption

I have not said i am voting for Ruto as kalenjin… I have argued my reasons why… I hope you had debunked them and given me an alternative. Lets say the good is he decudes to do something good for the country. What will be the effect. Why are these guys fighting him are the people who appear to be cartels. Do you think they are honest about it. I think there are certain hidden things we do not know

@sani ChieT

Enda bomoa buildings. Wachana na politics !! Ghasia…

Your name IS part of your argument, you consciously posted your preference for corruption provided it is perpetrated by a decisive criminal.

Seeing as how your logic is in tatters, I looked elsewhere and your name simply floated… Like a dark brown coarse poo that won’t stay down no matter how hard one yanks the white lever…as is your arguement.

liwe liwalo I’ll vote ruto kurudisha mkono, he’s definitely the best we have for now

I appreciate people who argue their facts and agree and disagree without hurling insults… We can achieve more through that… There is no difference between a murderer and an abusive person