The Best Smart TVs in Kenya

For the next time, you go shopping for a new TV, keep yourself informed.

[SIZE=6]The Best Budget Smart TVs in Kenya[/SIZE]
Thanks to the ever-changing world of technology and innovation, you can get a good quality TV without breaking the bank. However, there are some compromises you have to make such as settling for a smaller TV between 32 inches and 43 inches and staying away from established brands like Sony and Samsung which charge a premium for their products.

The best cheap smart TVs in Kenya are as follows, note that we have deliberately chosen models that are less than 43 inches in order to keep them as affordable as possible;

[SIZE=6]Itel 32-inch Smart TV – model no. I3210AE[/SIZE]
Itel best known for their affordable smartphones have now dipped their feet in the TV industry, and they offer one of the best value TVs at this price bracket in Kenya. The Itel 32-inch Smart TV (model no. I3210AE) offers exciting features, and you will be hard-pressed to find another TV offering greater value at a price under KSH 20,000 in Kenya. 32-inch Smart TV – model no. I3210AE
The 32 Inch TV has a high quality panel called “A+ Grade Panel” by Itel, in a frame less design which is very attractive. Furthermore, the panel has a quick response time at 6.5ms. The response time is the time taken between when a button is pressed, and when the result of the button being pressed is shown on the TV. This is especially attractive to gamers on a budget who need quick response times for their games but can not justify spending huge amounts of money on the high end models.

The Smart TV comes preinstalled with Smart OS 9.0. This operating system will make it possible for you to download your favourite apps like Showmax or other streaming platforms. And with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you will then be able to enjoy your shows in the comfort of your home.

You can also cast your phone, laptop or tablet to the TV using the i-Cast function. Though it is better and much convenient to buy an HDMI cable, and use it to connect your laptop to the TV. This allows you to project what is on your laptop to the TV, or use the TV as your second monitor while multitasking.

You can get this 32-Inch Itel TV in Kenya at KSH 15,000.

If the above TV suits you, but it’s too small for your needs. For KSh 8,000 more, you can get its bigger brother, the Itel I4310AE. It has the same amazing features and a bigger panel size at 43 inches. In addition to the bigger screen size, the resolution also gets a bump from HD (1366 * 768) to FHD (1920 * 1080).

[SIZE=6]Infinix 32 X1 inch Smart TV[/SIZE]
Infinix, another household name in the mobile phones market, has also joined the ever-growing list of TV manufacturers. The Infinix 32 X1 was released in the Kenyan market in late 2020 and ticks all the boxes for a budget Smart TV. At only Ksh 15,000 you get features that also rival traditional sets with no Smart TV capabilities.

The Infinix 32 X1 tops out at 32 inches, the sweet spot for small living rooms. The display as the norm in this price range and panel size is 1366*768 (HD), which is serviceable but not the best. 32 X1 inch Smart TV
The Smart TV is shipped with the Android operating system and a 64-bit processor for smooth navigation between apps and streaming videos without a hitch. The Android operating system, which most people are already familiar with, will make the use of the TV much more intuitive and hassle-free to use when navigating the downloaded apps.

Storage wise, you get 8 GB for storing your favourite apps and downloading media. While this is generous, the RAM offered at only 1 GB is borderline criminal in 2021. Therefore, expect navigation between apps to be laggy when using several of them at the same time. However, should you be the cautious type to properly exit apps you are not using, this will not be a significant problem.

The Infinix 32 X1 in general is a very capable Smart TV, and coupled with thin bezels and a decent response time at 6.5 ms it is also attractive to gamers and someone choosing this particular model will not be disappointed.

Should you need a bigger screen size, the above TV contains a 43 inch version called the Infinix 43 X1. The bigger size however means a higher price as well. The 43 inch version costs Ksh 10,000 more in selected stores in Nairobi, Kenya.

On the bright side, with the increase in size as it seems to be the norm, you get a FHD display (1080p) an upgrade from the 768p on the 32-inch version. This however comes at a cost of a slightly slower response time at 8ms, therefore gamers and anyone looking for quick response times would be better off sticking to the smaller model. The Infinix 43 X1 is available in Kenya at Ksh 25,000.

[SIZE=6]The Best Middle Range Smart TVs in Kenya[/SIZE]
When you have room for some flexibility in your budget for buying a Smart TV in Kenya, the options and brands that open up are numerous making it almost seem daunting to pick one that will suit you.

In order for a Smart TV to be considered for this category, it has to be between 43 and 55 inches as this will suit majority of normal-sized living rooms in Kenya. The TVs should also have a resolution of at least 4K quality (3840 × 2160p) also sometimes referred to as UHD and cost not more than Ksh 50,000.

[SIZE=6]L43P8US TCL Android Smart 4K LED TV 43 Inch[/SIZE]
TCL have already made their name in the Kenyan market as arguably the best TV manufacturer in the budget and middle range segment. The Chinese manufacturer offers great features at affordable prices, though this often comes at the cost of missing out on a few bells and whistles found on higher end TVs. Smart TV
The TCL L43P8US at 43 inches has a beautiful design with very thin bezels to ensure you are fully immersed in what you are viewing. The Ultra HD resolution makes this a very capable TV for watching sports, especially the fast moving type like motorsports, football or boxing.

You also get HDR, meaning colours will be more vibrant and lifelike than ever before. HDR excels in delivering greater picture contrast thus enhancing image details. This is achieved by the TV panel adjusting the backlight using a clever algorithm to boost the peak brightness of on-screen objects.

In addition to HDR, the TCL L43P8US has Micro Dimming zones which analyses the TV content in separate zones in order to adjust the brightness and darkness according to what the film producer had in mind or to better present what you are watching.

In terms of software, you get the standard android operating system, which is a good thing. Movies, games, music and photos will therefore be always available to you as long as you maintain your internet connection. Moreover, the Operating System comes with Google’s Assistant to make your experience more enjoyable with voice commands.

At a price below Ksh 50,000 (43k to be exact at the time of writing), the TCL L43P8US is a real bargain.

[SIZE=6]Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD LED TV-50A7100F[/SIZE]
If the TCL above doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, the Hisense 50A7100F is an excellent alternative. This Hisense model is bigger at 50 inches and also has an Ultra HD display at 3840*2160. The display supports HDR 10+ therefore expect high clarity in supported content.

It has an exquisite unibody design which is very sleek and slim. Furthermore, the frameless design as Hisense calls it makes for a very pleasing experience when watching your favourite content. 50-inch Smart UHD LED TV-50A7100F
Instead of getting the standard Android Operating System on your TV, Hisense uses their own proprietary Operating System called VIDAA OS. You will still get the normal functionalities of other Smart TVs like streaming and watching on demand content, so there is no need to worry, but it is worth noting.

You also get the ability to control the Smart TV from your mobile phone which is very convenient in a feature they call Remote Now.

Still on the software side, the Hisense 50A7100F has an upscaling feature that will raise the resolution of what you are watching to near 4K quality. This means that even though you’re watching 1080p content on the 4K display, the pictures will look better than watching the same 1080p content on another display that does not have 4K upscaling.

It is however worth noting that the quality upgrade is dependent on the source of the video, higher quality footage will have better results than the very poor quality videos at resolutions lower than 480p.

In conclusion, the Hisense 50A710F packs a lot of features and more than justifies its price.

The Hisense 50A7100F is available for sale in Kenya at Ksh 45,000.

[SIZE=6]The Very Best Smart TVs in Kenya. (High-end Smart TVs in Kenya)[/SIZE]
When it comes to the very high-end market segment of Smart TVs in Kenya, the range well and truly balloons depending on how much you are willing to spend on a Smart TV. For instance, there are very capable Smart TVs costing around Ksh 100,000 while others laugh at this barrier going to upwards of Ksh 2,000,000, others more than this.

It is for this reason that this segment demands another article on its own just to expound on the options that we have here. So, click on the bell icon on the side so that you will receive a notification on your phone or PC when we publish new articles


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[SIZE=6]Itel 32-inch Smart TV – model no. I3210AE
[SIZE=6]Infinix 32 X1 inch Smart TV[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6][SIZE=6]L43P8US TCL Android Smart 4K LED TV 43 Inch[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=6][SIZE=6][SIZE=6]Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD LED TV-50A7100F[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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confused person Vision plus 65 inch android 6 at Ksh. 65,000/- Samsung TU8000 55 inch Ksh. 73,000/- Hisense A71 58 inches at 60k.
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At those prices, the TVs should already be a Smart TV. Chromecast definitely helps in smoothening your streaming experience with up to 4K quality support. Shida inakuja whether your internet speeds can support smooth 4K streaming.

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