The best motorcycle

200k for a 110cc something that cant hit 80kph?. hiyo hapana.

Boxer X150
Boxer BM150 UG

Call: Markholdings Kenya

Indian bikes are crappy. Apana mislead watu.

The traffic in Nai cant allow one to get to 80kph. Then it’s a scooter perfect for commuting. I own a 150cc since 2015

In terms of build quality I can’t tell much. But using country of origin as a base is very wrong. China makes iPhones

For speed he should get CBRs or R1s

If its Indian, its crappy. That’s the general rule in manufacturing, proven by experience from millions of people over the decades.

Cruiser motorbikes are the best

Sawa. Mpe number ya dealer wa Harley Davidson. Ama wa Kawasaki. Anunue Kawasaki Ninja 400. Suzuki SV650S, Yamaha R1, ama Honda Goldwing 1800.

Ukitoa mawaidha, angalia budget ya mwenye anaseek. It’s 120K for hell’s sake. I’ve seen wasee na Indian bikes for years. Bila problem.

An Indian bike ya 150 cc is in the same price range as a Honda or Yamaha, even though the latter two give you much more value.

Don’t call us forks again. I think a Honda will fit your budget

Waweke forum ya AMD ktalk version hapa

Tafuta tu a gently used yamaha dt. It’s a 2 stroke, has lots of power esp the 175/185 cc alafu ina mono shock nyuma sp riding over rocks si shida. Can’t top 80k. 20k change tires eka off road mzito na full service. The other 20k tafuta maboyz ita slaykwin na mpige sherehe

@ Thirimaii, yes, man, I agree with you. The cruiser bikes are awesome. They even look awesome. Not to mention they run great and are perfect for everyday use. And there’s no shame in going out on a motorcycle ride. I have three of them, and they’re all Kawasaki. I like how everyone looks at me when I come to work on one. The only problem I had before was the tires. The tires were sliding hard on the wet track. But I found the guys on the internet, and they helped me pick up motorcycle tires. Now I enjoy life with my Kawasaki without fear of anything. By the way, they crash very rarely, like once or twice a year. For me, it’s not much. And repairs are cheap by my standards.

Some japanese cars and motorcycles have started using indian and chinese parts. In my experience, those parts are the first to fail. and its guaranteed.

What about the sports bike bajaj dominar 400?
Seems like ur against bajaj boxer bikes in general.

Go online and search for consumer complaints on the Bajaj Dominar 400. That will enlighten you a great deal. Nothing can be more frustrating than discovering serious problems you cannot solve in a brand new bike that does not come cheap.
Here is a sample: