The best motorcycle

Forks, I have been thinking of buying a motorbike to commute to work and for personal business purposes. However, I am not sure which bike I should go for. I’m looking for 150cc (budget 120k)

  1. Is it also good to go for a used bike?
  2. Which is the best brand in terms of availability of spare parts, fuel consumption, and comfortability.

I need genuine reviews!!!

Look no further. Go for Honda.


Skygo 150, budget 103k

120 nunua Honda Ace Tuff bodaboda

I saw a post that honda bikes do not have a fuel gauge. They also don’t show gear levels, only neutral. I got scared!

for a bike with 4 gears you dont need any reminder apart from the neutral one

You don’t need such functions in a motorcycle once you become a rider. The same way a driver does not need to have the gear numbers printed on the gear stick. For the fuel you can tell the amount just by shaking the bike.

Ok, I get it now!!

Or dipping a stick/finger

honda ace tuff. more efficient, tougher, and a little bit of class than the chinese/indian bike.
You should remember that it is still a boda with a single cylinder four stroke engine and rear shocks.
the two stroke 125cc monoshock honda bike is going for about 375k.

Hizo za Honda hapo juu zinakaa za wasee wa boda…tafuta atleast kitu ikona looks bana :smiley:

@Rene Descartes WHY is a single cylinder four stroke engine cheaper that two stroke 125cc monoshock? Hebu educate mimi…

A single cylinder two stroke engine will produce far more power than a single cylinder four stroke engine. engine speed is twice or thrice as fast. two stroke has little vibration too. Again having a single large shock and spring mounted to the center of the frame brings comfort so you dont feel rough roads at all. problem is the price.

120 labda upate [ATTACH=full]355113[/ATTACH]

When you become a rider you dont need such. You are good to go boss.

True!!! That’s what I was thinking of.


lazima aongeze pesa

Enda pale Lusaka rd. Get a TVS. Parts very available.

Or if you dont want to shift gears,they have a 110cc scooter costs around 200k. With that no need of insurance or license. Cops or kanjo don’t get attracted to it

100% agree. Chukua TVS. I used to ride one, very simple, fuel efficient na hutakaa msee wa nduthi. But don’t expect thrilling speeds

Indian bikes are poorly made and expensive, Chinese bikes are very poorly made and cheap. For the price of an Indian bike, you can get a Honda or Yamaha whose performance is way better and whose quality is twice as good. Honda has service centers all over, even though Honda customers rarely need to repair their bikes.