The best Democrat Candidate!!!!



These are their best brains. This mzee only talks about two things nowadays 1. WEED & 2. TAXES .

If you go through his social media accounts that’s it. And of course insulting Mr. Trump.

Recently folks got tired of his tough talk on taxing big companies akaulizwa but don’t big corporations pay taxes via salaries to workers and buying materials and transport logistics and paying insurance etc? Bado hajajibu.

Na si ati hajui weed is the official gateway drug in the U.S of A. From weed most youths then proceed to injectables.

And these liberals often say ati ban tobacco but legalize weed. Yaani drop one cancer stick for another more potent one.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Can you imagine fellows driving while smoking weed?!!

Afadhali hata Michelle Obama who used to tell the youth to exercise and eat right hii ni message gani huyu mzee ana send?

Legalize holy weed, shida Ni gani kama wewe hauvuti?

Weed is legal in most US states anyway

One thing you weed advocates never get is that brains are wired differently.

Drugs work differently in different people. For intance some folks drink alcohol and they are good to go. They can handle it. Others drink alcohol and start fights in clubs, become very violent, crashing cars, even knifing people etc.

Some even become hardcore addicts of the bottle and die from it.

Now here you have a drug marijuana whose psychiatric effects are well known. There are people who smoke weed na wako tu sawa. Meanwhile wengine they do it and end up in Mathare. Sio siri.

Furthermore you are talking about banning tobacco and legalizing another tobacco. If anything legalizing weed will destroy all the gains made in fighting tobacco smoking.

You have Will Smith today smoking cigars and making them look very cool in movies. Now he’ll be smoking both tobacco and weed and the impressionable kids watching will want to smoke both!

Ama hamjachoka na cancer?

I can only imagine the strain this will be put on health services once weed is legalized everywhere.

All the work these surgeons have put in marking cigarette cartons with sick organs. Halafu mshinde mkisumbua Gathecha ati ajenge cancer hospitals.

And let’s not even talk about drug trafficking and all the years cops have put in and died fighting weed and other drugs.

  1. I do not advocate for Marijuana smoking, so a little presumption on your side is due.
  2. It seems hypocritical to legalize tobacco while blocking the sale of marijuana/hemp, which besides being used as a drug can be used as paper. You do know the declaration of independence is written on hemp right? Dig a little deeper on the alternative uses of hemp and tobacco as well.

Really??? Paper??? Is that the best justification you could come up with for weed?:rolleyes:

This is not the 1930s when that paper conspiracy theory made a lot sense. This is 2019 we live in a green world with ever decreasing resources where we use less and less green. A digital world!!

Hata gazeti tunasoma online.

What of the coca plant which similarly has very many uses … should the coca plant be legalized as well!!!

The coca plant from which cocaine is derived. You can make paper, coca cola, wines, liquors, spices etc etc from the coca plant.

What of the opium poppy plant? The one from which heroin is derived. You can actually make latex, cooking oil, varnish, spices, cosmetics etc from the opium poppy.

So should it also be legalized!!!

Get ahold of your mind and stay on track, you started a thread on hemp so quit flailing your legs all over like a virgin.
The legalization of hemp will mark a decline on tobacco and alcoholic sales, if you have come down from your ivory tower you’ll see the characteristics hemp has on the majority of persons as opposed to tobacco and alcohol

Who is dancing around? Get your head straight how will legalizing weed reduce the smoking of tobacco??? How???

If anything some might even viewing tobacco as the ‘softer’ alternative!

The only way to justify marijuana intake vis-a-vis tobacco is to say that one can also consume it without smoking it. And the results of that are not well known yet.

Just like cigarettes were safe and sound at the very beginning in the 1920s but a few decades later they discovered how dangerous tobacco was.