The Ben gurion canal rival of the Suez canal plan

Ndio nashindwa why Hamas waliingia Israel through the most secure border hata one soldier said if anything get near the border they could detect it quickly. Hii story does not make sense at all. And I am sure the top people in Mossad and Shin Bet knew hamas was planning something wakakanyagia hio story. They could not have done all that training without them knowing.


True even US embassy in Israel had issued an alert afew days prior


They should build a couple of those canals. Or the western world can utilize the Chinese silk road which is 80% built. Hii propaganda yenu ni cheap sana. You guys can do better


The Zionist terrorists will massacre 2million people to built that canal . It’s in their doctrine they don’t value anyone apart from controlling the world . Egyptians watalose birrions to Zionist after creating that canal .

Don’t forget the gas found off the coast of Gaza which Israel wants to extract and sell to Europe so they stop depending on Russian gas. The Israelis plan to push Palestinians into Egypt

Everything is scripted nowadays. There was a reason the Hamas attack happened in broad daylight