The Belgian Pro League end football season

The Belgian Pro League board has proposed the immediate conclusion of the country’s football season, per Het Laatste Nieuws.

It would make Belgium the first European country to officially end its top-flight season, and crown Club Brugge champions.

Belgium can end their rigged league no one is really interested in their football except match fixing cartels

Belgium, Dutch, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other small countries offer a huge arena for many third world players with aspirations of featuring in the major leagues in euros, kwahivyo wacha udaku

Hizo leagues pia huwa na some nice tiki taka plus goals… Media imeharibu serie a, la liga na premier.

Belgium leagues are rigged that’s my point

That’s football in its purest form try watching non league football you’ll enjoy

It’s not media
But money
Those leagues get more than Kenyan national budget in TV revenues

Kenya akuna vile tuko kwa pesa

So tell us, which league “ni safi kama pamba”?


When it comes to match fixing
Eastern Europe in the best( or is it the worst)
Lower division clubs are the main culprits
Game first half Ni 0-0

Second half dakika ya 70 away team ina lead 0-1

But home team itashinda 5-1

Ukiskia fununu ya fixing Anika Kwa inbox pia Mimi nikamue muhindi.

I thought you dont gamble. Kuna thread ulicomment, gambling is for losers:D