I’m yet to understand the fascination with these gigantic resource gobbling piles of concrete and glass…

What is the environmental impact of these buildings?
Why are national and international firms in a hurry to spruce them up?

  1. Hass Consult is bringing up on in Upper Hill
  2. Hazina Towers na kina Nakumatt
  3. Centurion Symbio-city in Guatent S.A
  4. Proposed Meles Zenawi International Centre in Addis
  5. Durban Iconic Tower in Durban
  6. Hope City in Donkonaa-Ghana
  7. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Towers
  8. Upperhill Square
  9. Al Noor Tower in Casablanca
  10. The One in Upperhill

Mbica uliza google


It could be true, i don’t like to say this but Ghanaian women have a reputation for giving slices more than others.


Are you aware that Equity Center is not owned by the Bank but they are only tenents?? UAP Old Mutual are the Real Estate owners…

Google wont help…they have not named the real owners…

Its the copy paste mentality we have as Africans. i have noticed all are named as “will be the tallest building in Africa”. This is the case whereby your neighbor marries because you married the other day, grows beard because diamond grew one and becomes gay because all the crew in his social circles talk of HKM. At the end of the day, i wonder who brought us together, like pile of shit in one continent.

A hobby kama hobby zingine tu. Hata mimi I would build the tallest possible building if I had the money! And I’m really crazy about tall buildings! I find myself unconsciously counting floors on tall buildings whenever I come across one, even if it is in a picture!

Azande brasa…corrected

Good to know but, Who’s talked about Equity

a regulatory requirement

Sasa wewe umeanza umbea. Tuko mengine, nawe watusisitizia Equity. Hii tabia itakuvisha kamisi

I wish they had the same zeal in improving social services and cleaning up trash.

My apologies brethrens…it was on an FYI basis…