The Battle For Kihika’s Millions...

Immediately after his death in 2004, the firebrand Kanu politician’s seven wives were locked in a court battle for the control of his estate, which has sucked in their children.

What started as a succession battle has spawned other criminal and civil suits at the Nakuru Law Courts.

It all began with letters of administration.

The court named four of the widows — Margaret Wambui Kihika, Alice Mukuhi Kihika, Mary Wangari Kihika and Miriam Warau Kihika — as co-administrators of the Sh600 million estate in 2009.

The grant is, however, yet to be confirmed after the widows and their children failed to agree on the distribution.


The late former Nakuru North MP Dickson Kihika Kimani with two of his wives.

[SIZE=6]Unfit to administer estate[/SIZE]

Later, three children unsuccessfully petitioned the court seeking to replace their mothers as administrators.

Ms Florence Nduta Kihika, Mr Anthony Gichia Kihika and Ms Judy Muthoni Kihika accused their mothers of mismanaging their father’s estate.

They argued that some of their mothers were senile, sickly and unfit to administer the estate.

Even as the succession suit went on, one of Kihika’s daughters, Ms Peris Njoki, was battling for her freedom after she was convicted in 2015 of assaulting her step-sister, Ms Caroline Wanjiku.

The High Court, however, overturned her conviction in 2020 for what it termed an unfair trial by the lower court.

Justice Rachael Ng’etich noted that the lower court failed to consider that the evidence produced in court pointed to bad blood between the two sisters, who had an unresolved dispute over their father’s estate and a succession case in the family courts.

Ms Njoki has now filed for damages over unfair prosecution.

[SIZE=6]Sued for trespass[/SIZE]

In the latest matter, one of the widows, Ms Margaret Wambui, has sued two of Kihika’s daughters for trespassing on her 50-acre parcel of land in Njoro.

In the application before Justice Ng’etich, Ms Wambui seeks orders to restrain Ms Hellen Wangari and Erishifa Wanjiru from interfering in any way with the land.

She claims the two have conspired to sell the land without her knowledge.

“The applicant urges the court to grant conservatory orders of injunction, restricting the respondents and their servants from interfering with her possession of the suit land,” reads the application.

Ms Wambui is among the widows named as co-administrators of Kihika’s estate.

The court will make its ruling on February 11, 2021.

A cautionary tale that underscores the imperative of writing a will.

Kihika Kimani was an unapologetic political buffoon. Such characters do not have the ability to forestall such dramas through a will since they can never see beyond themselves.

Mangele these stories of Kyuk rich wealthy fools really make you ‘high’. They are nobodies in our community. All they leave behind is a surname for their kids to ‘use’ along with court battles to fight. That is just heartless.
BTW some of these surnames are something to be ashamed about. If you tell me you are so and so Karume…mmmmh, so and so Koinange…mhhhhhhh…we don’t really rate them.
Ebu pls tell us how the Jakuons are doing…:smiley:

Kihika na koinange succession will be a child play wacha ule poacher wa ishaweri akufe. Am sure jomo atafanyiwa DNA test. Illegitimate wataungana hapo we will know what was stolen from us.

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Wildebeest moment

Do you know that legally, all wills - ALL wills can be successfully revoked?

Kama hawakuuwana saa zile mzee alikufa, hawatauwana afterwards.

Mali tuliikuta hii dunia na tutaiwacha tu hapa Kwa hii dunia.

One of the widows of former politician Dickson Kihika Kimani has lost her bid to control property inherited from her husband.
Ms Margaret Wambui, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s step-mother, has been replaced with her last-born daughter Florence Nduta as one of the joint administrators of the property worth Sh600 million.

The High Court sitting in Nakuru made the replacement, going against Ms Wambui’s wishes to be substituted with her third-born daughter Erishifa Wanjiru.

Ms Wambui, the late politician’s first wife, was the lead administrator of the multi-million-shilling property.
But High Court Judge Rachel Ng’etich ruled in favor of Ms Nduta who had filed an application seeking to replace Ms Wambui as the administrator.

[SIZE=6]Claims never challenged[/SIZE]

In her ruling, Justice Ng’etich said none of Ms Nduta’s claims were challenged.

“There was no dispute that there was a need to substitute Ms Wambui as an administrator due to her old age and ill-health. The matter has been pending in court since 2005. The court, therefore, replaces her with the daughter,” ruled the judge.
According to Justice Ng’etich, no reason had been advanced to suggest that Ms Nduta could not play the role of an administrator and represent her other siblings.
The four widows, Wambui (90), Alice Mukuhi (79), Mary Wangari and Miriam Warau, took over the estate after the former Nakuru North MP died on November 19, 2004.
The High Court had named them as administrators of the estate on October 13, 2009.

[SIZE=6]Replace administrators[/SIZE]

However, in 2018, their three children — Florence Nduta (Wambui’s daughter), Anthony Kihika (Mukuhi’s son) and Judy Muthoni (Wangari’s daughter) — filed applications to replace them as administrators.

They said their mothers were old and were unable to carry on the duties of administrators.
But the four widows, in an application before the court, maintained that they were strong enough to act as administrators of their late husband’s property.
However, the High Court, on January 24, 2019, dismissed the application.
The Kihika siblings appealed the ruling on April 17, 2019.
On November 1, 2019, Ms Wambui fronted her daughter, Erishifa Wanjiru, to take over as the administrator, but the move was opposed by Ms Nduta, 51, and her step-mother Mukuhi.

[SIZE=6]Living in USA[/SIZE]

Ms Nduta told the court that her sister — Erishifa Wanjiru — has been residing in the USA since 1997 and only visits Kenya occasionally and, therefore, was not suitable to be an administrator.
She said she and the other siblings residing in Kenya were the best candidates to replace her mother.
Her sentiments were echoed by her step-mother, Ms Mukuhi, who submitted that Ms Wanjiru was unreliable since she was based abroad.
The court ruled in favor of Ms Nduta, dealing her mother a blow.
The Kihika family has, for years, been embroiled in a protracted court battle over the inheritance of his estate.

This has seen several tussles between Mr Kihika’s daughters and widows over the ownership rights of the estate.