The Bank of China has restricted Russian bank customers from transferring yuan to the European Union, the United States, Britain and Switzerland

Wapi common currency proponents? @FlashG

@Lord_Wanaruona come take this BRICS L.


Leo Bangladesh wameapply kujoin BRICS. Saa hii tunakagua title deed ya Bangladesh kama ni oriji we admit them.

@Lord_Wanaruona Bangladesh went into debt default . Their economy is worse than Congo. Is this really a country to brag about.

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Mdau ukiona mwenzako akinyolewa chako kitie maji. Pia Sisi tuko Kwa shimo.

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It’s not targeting Russians. It’s targeting Chinese billionaires who own billions. They’re possibly the richest people on earth but banking restrictions mean they cannot leave China.

That’s how China keeps its looters in check. Unlike Africa where you can loot billions and hide it in Switzerland. All chinese Billionaires have to explain their wealth or face xi jing ping.


Dedollarization is in the offing,