The Azimio group should take a pause

The Azimio group was played at their own game, I had big hopes in this team winning and upto now i have not come to terms that Arror is the commander in chief… and the DO who terrorized his own people is now in power courtesy of the same people “stories for another day”…

But to be honest, I feel let down by the Azimio team, the stakes were very big in this election, A thug partner competing with 2nd liberation heroes and we lost ???

Even worse , the presidency is just rotating between 2 tribes out of 43 ??

The president whose interests were at stake and the humiliation that will follow allowed this shit to happen. I thought its Kenya Kwanza that will be complaining of rigging, I would have preferred Azimio wakiitwa wezi wa kura.

Now the team is in disarray, and more confusion is coming by the way. Raila is too old to continue the fight, Luos are frustrated and have lost all hope in elections.

Uhuru has nothing to tell the people, how will he even continue being the face of the opposition ??? comical and not even inspiring. Kalonzo is looking to take the next best offer by Kenya Kwanza and I don’t blame him, nobody loves being broke and irrelevant and worse if it’s a politician.

Kalonzo will be the last frontier of Azimio to be conquered by UDA tin pot leader. After that all will be gone. All elected leaders and the losers are now salivating for largesse from Ruto. What we will have is a collection of dis-jointed political pockets of Azimio die-hard remnants.

There will literally be no opposition.

I hope independent thinkers will remain so because times are going to be tough. Like minded people outside government will need to self-organize.

But one thing i hope is that if Ruto fails in his grandiose promises, he will not blame anyone.

Remember this quote…

[SIZE=7]Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create tough times.[/SIZE]

We dodged a bullet in the form of disorganized drunkards.

i prefer drunkards, there is nothing scary like evil sober people hiding in religion…they have all the time to be evil.

drunkard leaders in history.
Mwai Kibaki

Sober leaders in history
Adolf hitler
Daniel Moi
William Ruto

Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance of voting for the 2027 or rigging them in

Kuna tofauti ya Kibaki kumeza white cap mbili jioni na Konyagi1 kuangusha mizinga kadhaa in one seating…Kibaki sio mlevi

True to what they have evolved to be, the ‘liberators’ dared tamper with the electoral process in a manner unseen in post2010 era. Like Mugabe before them, the allure of power turned the liberators into what they fought!!!

True to history, people always need to be liberated from their liberators.

Men who couldn’t organize a campaign were expected to organize a country!!! Men who tried to acquire power by corruption were expected to fight corruption. Men who had the mind to castrate the constitution for power were expected to uphold it.

The blindness

liberation heroes kitu gani, Azimio ni practising fraudsters and were caught red handed.

joho was going to be ps lands???!!! we reaaaaly dodged a bullet

Ingia Choo uhare hiyo ujinga yako iishe

You call yourselves 2nd liberation heroes. Who did you liberate? From what? Wakenya walikuwa wanaenjoy life tangu wapate independence hadi 1980’s. Healthcare ilikuwa free.

the answer is in your comment

i only engage in intellectually stimulating conversations.

that should be least of your worries, he has been governor for 10 yrs.

yes. atleast as governor his policies were local. only issue was his supply chain went beyond but anyhoo… omg joho ps lands! we dodged a lot

Tukisika huyo konyagi wenyu tutampeleka rehab wakiwa na raila naiyo naiyo.

Naona admin afungue sub forum ya Azimio tears.

But on another note, lately when i see raira, i am filled with sympathy. and this is a man i loath for all the atrocities he has committed. So i can only imagine what the adoring fanatics who have pontified him feel. If he behaves well forthwith, we should give him a clean slate.

dodged Joho , landed on Sudi, Sonko etc…

The tray is full for this government… don’t expect sudden changes. Debts, inflation and high cost of living will have to force these people to perform to silence naysayers and critics like us

Why do you guys like digging the past sins of others but ignore the outright sins committed by those you support. Your camp has thugs and murderers yet you feel entitled to point fingers to others.