The Award for the Saddest Thing This Month

It goes to:

A) A child who collapsed and died and his body eaten by dogs

B) A student at a Kisii school assaulted by his teachers and requiring reconstructive surgery on his private parts

C) A number of students in Kakamega County passing away because of a mysterious food-related illness

D) A delusional lady who will remain unnamed praying for change at KPA by saying “terererere bokoze blah blah blah” into a mic while his headless flock and his hubby’s fans see nothing wrong in that

If you picked “A” you failed because that’s an imagined thing.
If you picked “B” you failed because it’s just one boy’s balls and they’ve been reconstructed.
“C” is pretty sad because several students passed away and that affects families in ways that really suck.
However “D” is the correct answer. Reason being it affects millions and is almost a mockery of the hubby’s ability to effect the change you pretend to desire even though this unnamed hubby has been picking incompetence to guide his unknown agenda nicknamed ‘chini juu’. It’s also very sad that many don’t seem to care about the circus that this prophetess is subjecting some 50m people who share a geographical space with her to.

Hehe … malisa hio profetes aka khupipi wa deputy yesu wa sukoi

Anybody who confuses his/her has the IQ of a constipated, pregnant goat.

Bure kabisa…

Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a winner. The award for noticing pronoun issues on a fucked up online platform goes to this woman @FieldMarshal CouchP . Congratulations madam. You’ve earned it, you ass licking, ass fucked, bastar Sugoi goat! Fuck you and fuck your momma. She must be proud for giving birth to a used tampon.