The Average Zulu man's propensity to violence

I have noticed…that every year in Mzansi, a chronic scale of violence has to be orchestrated for whatever reason. Be it violent protests, Or xenophobic attacks, its always accompanied by varying numbers of deaths. Every bloody year. Looking at the history of this country, pre-dating its collective colonization, we see events that give a hint to why…maybe it really isnt the boomerang effect of Apartheid that this nature of violence is almost South Africa’s identity marker, besides of course, homicide rates that rival active warzones

Majority Zulu & Violence


Mfecane (isiZulu, Zulu pronunciation: [m̩fɛˈkǀaːne]), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane or Lifaqane (all meaning “crushing, scattering, forced dispersal, forced migration”), was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa in the early 1800s


As tribal as it may sound, I feel like the Zulu man tends to inherently possess a higher inclination to resort to violence to sort issues they consider greviances. The Zulu have used mfecane-esque methods to cultivate their agendas intermittently through history. It seems they just cant lose this nature and they have to feed their thirst for blood every year. Because “NOTHING CAN RATIONALLY EXPLAIN WHATS GOING ON IN MZANSI” as of July 14th 3:52 PM, 2021 : EAT-Africa
And dont get it twisted, this perspective is from a Pan-Africanist Black African.

To rebuild what has been destroyed is to put money into hustlers pockets. injury to parasitic owners of capital is injury to satan.

father of the freedom fighters Zuma must be released unconditionally or SA will continue burning

Mzungu ana-watch tu, when they implement Apartheid 2.0 hakuna mtu atatetea hizi bonobos.

Zulus are very violent, main perpetrators of xenophobia