The audacity


Hii si sambamba

All this entitlement and the only thing they have to offer is vagina, smh.

Foolish way of thinking, will make women cry every day !

kuna hitting the wall.
hii yake ni propelled into the wall

And that’s somebody earning like 20k per month expecting you to share you
r 100+ k… it’s dumb at best

Oh Lawdy…the shame of it all…but at least she is being honest and brave enough to say it loud rather than pretend like many others.

Or she could’ve been paid to say that in order to spark up debate

Could be. But from what I read on KT, sounds like it is happening in real life…

Huyo dada emepewa sweep 1000 na wanaume wa Twitter.

Summary: kwanza atafute pesa aunde nywele na uso halafu apate bwana tajiri mjinga.

And the beat goes on.

Pochetino tottenham Ni mafwiii

Hii sasa ndio shida ya kuwa NPC.

Niaje Anko

Vipi Anko Arteta

Well, there has always been a solution to this simple problem;
every man who has a few coins in the bank and assets knows about asset protection through LLC.

working hard and smart is for myself…i can detect the stench of an entitled twat from a distance


Uko busy sana huonekani