The ass mio Circus Continues, Hahaaa

After the committee to pick running mate was formed, they asked those who are interested in the position to apply so that they can be interviewed n vetted. kalonzo has outrightly rejected such a move. He says it is bound to humiliate him. " how can I be interviewed by a committee formed by junet mohamed? no way" kaloser was heard lamenting. This circus is about to go out of hand! Stay tuned.

That guy was bought na unajua vile Jaden deals with people he buys…

waache ujinga and give kalonzo the running mate ticket . sijui mbona Railas face is Junet (a foolish somali cow) hio kazi angepea mtu kama Otiende Amolo

Running mate position is going to Martha karua

Kalonzo and kingi should be allowed to leave and join kenya kwanza

Kwani wamefungiwa huko… Kukaa na kutoka is a personal decision. Btw ukitaka running mate position hata hufai kukimbizana au kubembelezana na mtu. You only need to be consistent, create a good support base, have the ability to mobilise, avoid getting compromised(usipangwe), be fearless, real and development minded. Presidential aspirants will be fighting for your hand in marriage. But if you are soo desperate…


wapee kalonzo waache upuzi karua can be prime minister

kalonzo is not getting it

Umeona vile Kutima alienda Kenya Kwanza.

Trust me if he wins, that alshabab will be the first person he gets rid of.

Karua ni DP naye gatheca akuwe PM.

Under which constitution?

Kalonzo deserves all the humiliation.such a spineless clown

True, that guy is just stupid. He does not need any pity, afanywe madharau kabisa, akipata kichwa ajitoe.

Kutima ni fala tuu

heheeee, mafeelings