Yeah, I called it self love when in fact the raw term is just masturbation. Masturbation is an art and should be done carefully and tactfully. You must take care to avoid masturbation accidents and burnout.

First of all always remember that if you are in a rural place and you want to stream some porn in order to masturbate, you should ensure that your internet connection is superb. It would be a shame to start loving yourself then the ip you’re streaming just starts to hang. It is quite frustrating and leads to half-baked masturbations.

Lube is a choice, not a requirement.

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Its 5 in the morning and all you can think of is me, do you love me this much?

Come suck my dong.

Umefikisha life expectancy , najaribu kukusukuma upeleke usenge ahera

Automatic male masturbator suction cup

Mastubation siku hizi ni normal…ata kwa movies…same as ushoga…times have changed…get over it


Don’t have to amplify the issue. It’s man natural instinct especially when locked up in the island of dry spell