The Art of Leading on a Woman

as a man, you probably have a tale to tell about how a woman lead you on and wasted your time. I don’t. Women are very skilled at this game but many men are not. Most men are at tier one where they still struggle to get a woman to reply texts, leave alone removing her panties herself. hahaha sorry bro, I will give you tips one day.
So this is speaking to that Calibre of men who can actually lead on a woman. Do you have at least two women interested in you? Then continue to read.
When you lead on a woman, you’re defying nature. You are wasting her looks and her sex A game to your benefit. Which is brilliant.
How to lead on a woman? You must be scarce like money my fren. You see the more she learns about you, hangs out with you the more the tarimbo hypnosis loses power. She will enter that phase of poking holes to your stories and nagging you 24/7. She must find you always busy so she is always guessing where you are. The default for these bitches is that they believe you’re on top of another mama. Nothing turns on women knowing they are after something all else want but can’t have. If you’re a fool who still spends 2 hrs texting her, you’ve already lost.
To lead the impressionable Nairobi woman on, you must promise her heaven on Earth. hehe the only heaven on Earth I give women is orgasm. These women love short cuts and they like faking it. So sell it to her and she will stick around waiting for the payoff. This is why they trap you with pregnancy. They want to cash out.
You cannot lead on a woman if you do not have another woman in the vicinity. She must know or accept that another Woman is competing for your interest. Lakini you have to be smart and balance your style. The last thing you want is drama being shared around on Facebook or on Twitter by the fakeass Nairobians.
I’m out. If you have questions, inbox me or my Facebook page. I also need to be told who is the hottest woman here, I will bomoa her in 10 days tops.




He he he… Kifé!?


Wee, the hottest woman here is Georgina makena, let us see you bomoaring her,
Alafu what rock have you been living under? Men started leading women on in 1800BC, you have just discovered it now? Tsk hopeless thing


Haha. @Andrew Kibe. You will bomoa her a good one.

Wacha sasa waje na mizinga utakipata

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Huyu mjamaa huwa hawes reply replies zenyu anawalead on…mafala nyinyi



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10 days? You are too slow, I demolished one within 48 hrs.

Sasa konjoa ulale. Meffi.

[SPOILER="Very gay comment "] @Andrew Kibe, ukiandika hii umeffi yote, cnyakundi ndio anakuwanga juu yako ama wewe ndio hukua juu[/SPOILER]

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umeambiwa na dem nambari 4 apo uko na siku kumi kubomoa georginamakena…chieth!

the hottest woman here is @culture

You guy my guy.
This chile ambiad me she will wacha I bomoa her a good one.
I ngojad for her pale westie kedo an hour.
Maze I had to lenga that vibe.
I patad anaa hot one my guy.
Sisi Uber mpaka digs.
I bomoad her a good one mpaka cox my guy.


@Georgina Makena kuja uone, Andrew Kimbo amekupangia

@Georgina Makena kuja uone, Andrew Kimbo amekupangia

@girlciki93 prepare your ovaries for bomolewaring.

Forget about the braggart, can we start our own thing?



Niaje Kibe